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Clear tube rego label holders.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hairycucumber, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Saw them for sale at Peter Stevens, they look cool :)

    But are they legal?
  2. Surely they wouldn't sell them if they were illegal!

    *goes to QLD to buy a ... "vase"...*
  3. There's also a shop a few doors down that sells bongs :cool:
  4. if it's the same ones I'm thinking of (oberon), apparently because the tube can be rotated to view the whole label, it is legal.

    but $75 for a tube with some stoppers!? :eek:

    I'm going down to bunnings to make my freakin own :grin:
  5. Advertised in most of the bike mags as well, even with a light inside so its readable at night. According to the advert they are legal.
  6. So sexy , i was going to do a search on them, and were is the legal place to display the sticker , all answered thanks , now to buy the sucker
  7. As far as Vic regs go all it says that the label must be affixed to the bike in a holder provided by you. It then goes on to say where it can be fitted. eg. left side, near left fork, etc.. No details on what the rego label holder should look like that I could see.

    For some reason, fitting it to the rear plate or on the right side of the bike is not acceptable.
  8. Got mine fitted to the plastic above the rear wheel, close up under the seat .. I have been pulled over for random licence/rego check and Mr Plod didn't seem to mind it.

    As for $75.00 tell him he's dream'n .. I got mine at the MotoGP for $13.00...
  9. I had a pressie recently of one of those tubes.

    www.austreetfighter.com.au has them...Oberon rego disc holder (mine's silver) for $60 + PH.

    I like it :grin:
  10. Peter Stevens is selling tubular rego holders for $29.95. :)
  11. I know you can get them off ebay as well, but can't be bothered checking to see how much they are :oops:
  12. Having fitted one to my bike, it occurs to me that these rego holders make it very easy for someone to swipe your label if they want to.

    Pop off one of the end caps, stick a finger into the tube and pull the label out. It's covered with a piece of clear contact so it's not stuck onto the holder.

    This scenario's probably quite unlikely, but it's worth noting if you're considering buying one of these things.
  13. Bongs are perfectly legal. :) Dope's not but bongs are. :wink:
  14. probably because the right side might well leave the police person checking it hanging their posterior out in harms way. The rear I'd guess because they couldn't see what was possibly coming at them.
    Good rule I think.