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Clear Lens Glasses - where to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Hey all quick one;

    Clear lens glasses - the things I keep under my seat for when I get caught out at night with a tinted visor - which had been a lot lately.

    Currently I've always just gone to work ware safety shops and just brought standard eye protection, though I find they are always too big and don't seal around my eye sockets as much as I could hope for.

    Also in their ventures of living under my seat jammed around the battery, they eventually get scratched even with a little rag wrapped around them.

    I was wondering what else other people use in this department and where they buy them from? I have a small / narrow face and have always found trying on sunnies etc to be wider then I need. I'm also trying to adhere to a budget otherwise I'd consider some of the $100-$200 cyclist glasses (OMG, I just drew a like and need to cyclist gear!! Shoot me!!! :shock:).

    Anyone have any suggestions??

  2. Most shopfront optometrists will be happy to sell you a set of their frames with zero power blanks (they make most of their money on the frames). But you'll probably find some cycle stuff cheaper.
    In the case of a strike and breakage, you are far better off with plastic shards in your eye than glass, trust me.
  3. I get mine from cycling shops. Last pair had interchangable clear, yellow and tinted lenses and a frame for about $30. All plastic so sits in helmet nicely.


    This was from the cycling shop in Hampton St, Hampton. Hampton Cycles, I believe it's called.

    When the clear one gets scratch, whack in the yellow one for longer life, maybe.
  4. http://www.serfas.com/product_details2.asp?ID=444

    I bought these sunglasses about 4 years ago for $70aus from a cycling shop. Looks like they are still sold and the price would be about the same, maybe cheaper because of the strong dollar, maybe cheaper online.

    They fit quite well within my shoei tzr. Works a treat with the clear lens in winter because my visor fogs up kinda badly.

    So essentially, anything like myself and others have recommended should suit you well, you won't regret it.
  5. thanks all :)
  6. Bolle do clear safety glasses built like sunglasses. I paid $20 from the Bolle outlet in Melb.
  7. I have the icon squad II backpack.. built in padded visor pocket! always have my clear one with me now or vica versa..


  8. Just get them from Bunnings
  9. I've found the bunnings one's are too big for my face and let a lot of wind in which, lately my eyes haven't been dealing with what so ever. NFI why, when I had my 250 I could ride visor open in summer night time all the time.... now I lift it up to scratch my nose and they water up and I can't see shit... :(
  10. I have the exact same problem! skinny head, takes forever for me to find the perfect set of shades, and i have extremely sensitive eyes, i wear sunnies 90% of the time im out of the house...
    Was at bunnings this morning and most of their glasses are sealed now so u cant try them on ARGH....

    Im thinking i might have to pack my clear visor, pain in the arse as it takes up a lot of space but i have no other options atm..
  11. When in Bunnings, if you need to measure/test/try any product and there isn't an open demo unit, just open the pack, do what you need to do, and if they don't fit, put them back. If they do fit, buy the pack you opened.

    I do it all the time at Bunnings, and no-one has harassed me yet. Just don't be tempted to steal bits, and don't lose bits out of the packet, because it's really annoying when I come along to check it out, and bits are missing!
  12. Anaconda also have a range of cycling glasses (fluid brand I think) that are reasonably priced. I think they may be the ones with the interchangable lenses mentioned earlier in the thread.

  13. I must have a fat head!!!
  14. Nah dude I'm a midget... all sunnies etc are too large for my head... hope my vision never goes batshit requiring me to ever wear permanent glasses as contacts freak me out...
  15. So you're the bugger who gave me conjunctivitis!!!!!!!!:tantrum::tantrum:
  16.  Top
  17. Nay, I haven't done it with glasses there. Just other stuff.

    You must have damaged your eyesight doing something else. . . I wonder what they could have been. :p
  18. i have the ugly fish ones.
    they are good, but not so good that they're worth the outrageous prices...from memory though i think i got mine for about 60 bucks at AMX
    but they have like a vented rubber/foam backing around the lenses (which can be removed if you want)...and that seals the gap on your face a bit better, plus demists the lenses if it's cold foggy weather .

    i used to buy workwear safety glasses from bunnings and the like, but the typical wrap around styling gives you horrible vision distortion sometimes, particulary out the sides of your eyes...and i'd sometimes cut the arms down and file them smooth to make them sit better on my face...now and then i'd still end up getting some grit in my eye.

    so the ugly fish ones or that type are the best solution i've found yet, but still not great.

    another option is remove the visor and fit goggles of the type where the strap goes around the back of the helmet, but is attached to the front of the goggles, the way mx goggles do....but that can ruin the seal for the visor...and you also have a slightly narrower field of vision....apart from that (wrecking your helmet) it works great, sealed and vented....ok, scrap that option, would just not look right on a new sportsbike.

    some helmets have a light tint and a dark tint visor option...the light tint on mine (Rjays cheap heavy POS helmet) looks dark from the outside but really is'nt very dark at all to view out...i've left it on at night and managed fine if the conditions are good...not very smart just to lazy to change it.....caught out in twilight though, light tint no problemo.

    i had a dark tint visor once on an old helmet that was so dark i'd walk into things every time i stopped and got of...but theres lots of new visors around now and you might find one more multi-purpose to suit...orange and yellow lenses can work great day or night...some of the iridium ones are fine at night too
  19. I got new contact lenses last week. Haven't worn them for years. So, on the weekend when we rode up for an overnighter to Merimbula I wore them. I also brought along a pair of tinted wrap around safety glasses. They did a good job, particularly when I rode with the visor up. I tend to tear up something shocking when riding over 50-60 kays, particularly if it's cool to cold. They stopped a lot of wind affecting the old optical orbs.

    They're cheap and they can protect your eyes from flying debris. Something to consider.