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Clear coating bare steel

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Ive taken my tank and stripped, polished ect. Now looking for a way that I can clear coat it so it keeps the bare metal look and does not discolour. Home job, or powdercoaters? Its going to stay bare metal for something different on my f2600 streetfighter... Does anyone know how much chrome plating (or similair) would cost on a tank instead?

  2. Not sure how you would go, as paint normally goes onto primer. Not bare metal. You may be able to get it etch primed but I dont know what sort of a finish you would get.

    Ring your local electroplater, We had a set of wheels done, it was $100 for the pair. They may be able to do clear?
  3. what exactly did you get done, and which electroplater?
  4. Clear coat lacqure. For exhausts. Weather proof, rust resistant. Worth a try.
  5. sand and polish (not polish compound)
    2 pack clear coat with flex additive onto the bare steal

    Got a mate who is a industralia spray painter, and that what he told me.
  6. you could try a product called AQL,followed by belting it with 2k clear....its a clear metal primer...they have one available for metal and plastic.....the instructions say that you can use them direct over unsanded painted or metal surface's....We use it here at work but we do rub the parts aswell.....The rep came in and left some here as i was a bit dubious at first some i dug out some busted up bits of bodywork and tried it out.....i did it as instructions by not rubbing the panels (thats right direct over a full gloss 2K coated panel unsanded!)once the product had dried i tried to scratch it off and it wouldnt scratch off!I tried blowing it with air to see if it would sheet off but it stayed there....now for the amazing part....it would wipe off with prepsol!As i said....we still rub our panels down as a precaution,but its excellent for blending especially when we blend candy colours...which most bikes are these days
    hope this helps
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  8. Nyalic is a product we can order through work that is made for this sort of thing but it costs around $250 a litre. Ive only used it once and it worked well.