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Clear Coat Problem

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Disco_Dave, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I have recently touched up a paint chip on my motorbike.
    It was down to the bone so i used primer, paint and clear coats.
    I was going to wait afew days before sanding it back to get an even surface (I am told the clear needs afew days to completely dry).

    Anyways, the day after i finished the painting i had a look at it to see the results and it looked great (colour wise), the match was excellent and there was no problems with the paint. I then checked it again 2 days after finishing and some of the edges of the clear that protrude above the surface (so i was going to sand it back anyways) has gone a milky white colour (the paint is blue so its really obvious). I am thinking its because of the really cold weather in melbourne maybe.

    I just wanted to know if anyone knows what would cause the clear to go milky white like that? Has anyone else had this happen? and if so can i get away with just abit of sanding back and polishing compound? (which i was going to do anyways to level the paint surface).

    It just seems wierd (and annoying) that it looked excellent yesterday, and now it looks bad :(

  2. It is due to the cold and humidity. When automotive paint is applied in cold weather it will get a blooming effect.
    You could try to polish it out, failing that it will need to be painted but in warm weather.
  3. Plus maybe if the colour coat hadn't cured fully or properly before you put down the clear it might have leached some into the coat above. Might as well clean it up and see. You might find then that you're the only one that notices it because you look right at it.
  4. click Edit then Undo and try again ?
  5. When you paint it next put it in your garage or some thing and put a heater in there to get it warm.
  6. Dont paint, if its under 14 degrees,
  7. Cheap flood lights from bunnings....Point them at it, paint...under 14 degress with those lights wont matter.
    They put out some serious heat.

    What are you painting with? Ratlecan or airgun?