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Clear brake hoses

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rhinotr2000, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Would any one in Net rider be interested if I purchased a small roll of the clear brake hoses in using them? I only really need like 1 foot of the stuff but as you see in MotorGP they use a clear tubing to hold brake fluid in as their reservoir. But i'll be purchaseing 20foot of the stuff since they only do bulk order of the item. I could sell them around for cheap and next to nothing P&H. 8mm & 6mm hoses

    My plan is to swap over the black EPDM hose and use clear so I can use castrol blue brake fluid Dot 4 in it so you can see the brake fluid :-s.

    Before you tell me, the hose im sourcing is Tygon 2075 its chemical resistant to all acids and bases along with salt and has a water absorption of 0.01% which classify it as non hydroscopic which is what MotorGP riders use. Some might say Dot 4 brake fluid might brake down in sun light (UV) but according to MSDS they don't list UV has what would be affecting it. I'd like to gather some thoughts togther if anyone has done this before or if anyone would be interested in it. I found websites where they sell it but its rediculously expenive to buy and P&H.
  2. i use tygon 2075 on my bike, and have had no issues with DOT 4 brake fluid (top shelf Motul).

    i also have a contact in the states to buy it by the roll for a very good price.
  3. thanks for that if we get enough support there is a need for a roll of it. I'll contact to you for information when we do. But if not I might just buy 1 foot of hose.
  4. For all those that have no idea what im rambling on about see pics below.

    Attached Files:

  5. your saying you using Motul. Can you tell me what colour is your fluid, im finding a hard time chasing down a BLUE DOT 4 specific brake fluid. Best I can get my hands on thats common is the Castrol Heavy Duty Dot 3 rated 260 dry and 155 wet this has a deep blue dye added to it.

    Another Blue dye i've heard is ATE Super Dot 4 but that stuff kinda expensive to buy.

    I've used other ones in the past and i've had no problems is
    Nulon Super Dot 4 that works well clearish/yellowy colour still holds well after track day

    Castrol Dot 4 works well but after track day it goes mushy clearish colour

    Penrite Dot 4 that stuff shiet I just added that stuff in and it feels like its already boiling doesn't stop even on urban street rides (colour - pee stain yellow)

    Any other brands has other people tried and its performance you have noticed?
  6. How expensive is expensive? It's not like you need megalitres of the stuff.
  7. $40 for a tin can i think its 1L or was it 500ml. normally I just spend on the range of $10 or less for a bottle of brake fluid I only use it once. Generally once you open the can or Tin and you don't use it in few months its good as throw away since the moisture gets to it.
  8. the Motul I use is the RBF660 FACTORY LINE - about $40-50 for a tiny bottle, only enough to do one set of brakes, and another bleed. it's about 4 times the price of the cheap sh1t you can get anywhere.


    it has a slight yellow colour from memory. so not the blue you're after.

    it's probably overkill for me & my bike (just under 2min around PI on a fairly stock '04 R1), but with some braided lines and this brake fluid, i get zero brake fade, and no spongey lever after a 20min session.
  9. I purchased a foot length of 1/4" and 5/16" hose since there is lack of interest in this stuff.

    Thanks all
  10. Heres a pic of my little project.

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  11. Looks good, where did you purchase from?

    looking to do the same to my bike when my SS lines arrive
  12. Wow, the 20m of Tygon sitting in my lab must be worth a fortune. :shock:
  13. What price would you be willing to let a foot of yours go for?
  14. Wouldn't be any good to you, I use different sizes. I'm just amazed at what people are charging for 1ft lengths of tubing that's actually cheaper than the stuff I normally use.
  15. OIC

    Thanks anyway.

    does anyone know if I need both the 5/16" & the 1/4" to do the R6.

    I am unable to check the bike at the moment.
  16. i needed 5/16" for the rear on my 04 R1.
  17. its been a while since I check this and seems people are looking at this now.

    For peoples information. I have installed these and they are still holding up no problems after 4 months usage now, no sweating or cracking or discolouring at all.

    I ride R6 2003 the size I purchased that fits is
    both 1/4 inch (6.35mm) for rear line and 5/16 inch (8mm) for front line.

    I still have bit left over from my foot length that I purchased. I could post them to you for a fee if you want for my left overs just tell me the length you require and i'll measure if the piece left over is long enough for you.