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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. {readies hate-helmet}

    How many here can state, hand on heart, that their license has 0 demerits on it?

    I can.
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    That's it you have put the Moz on yourself now. I expect to see a post in the Rant thread any day ;)

    PS: I can't make the claim to being a cleanskin :( But at the moment not too dirty a skin either. Sort of beige or light grey.
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  3. O:) to date, touching wood as I type :confused:
  4. Life time tally 88 demerit points
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  5. Weeeeeeeell... I've lost a few points here and there whilst driving, but never whilst riding

    EDIT: Currently I have no demerits though.
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  6. Right now 0, has been for a few years now. Not so back in my younger days.

    I need my license for my work, so much less adventurous and much more aware.

    2 years of riding, so far, so good.
  7. Paid half price for my license renewal today. That means more than 5 years with no fines. I've accumulated more than a few demerit points in the previous 30+ years but never quite enough at once to spend time as a pedestrian.
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  8. If you have zero demerits that means that you have lost points.

    Or is that the brag? I am confused
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  9. well I guess for my license over 30 years I have registered about 90-points ( do ya get 'em or lose em?)

    never been booked on a bike though:eek:

    probably get booked tomorrow for that :p
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  10. You get them lose them and gain them.

    The more you lose the more you gain later. If you never lose them you can never gain them. At least after the initial allocation.
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  11. Clean at the moment.

    Did pick up 8 points and a twelve month walk just over 3 years ago, though.
  12. In qld you accumulate points. You can accumulate 12 on your opens before you lose your license.
  13. Haven't even thought about it for a long time. I might very well be a cleanskin, but I'm not prepared to pay for the privilege of finding out (this information is not free in Victoria). Fcuk 'em. I've long since stopped riding according to what imbecile dogmatists think is important and ride according to what keeps me alive.
    (And solvent,yes I admit).
  14. The police award you points for riding it as it should be, right? ;)

    Lifetime total of 3 here (car & bike).
  15. Yes it's free, but you have to telephone a number on the VicRoads website.

    I currently have all my points, and have (touch wood) never yet lost any on the bike - more luck than good management I'm prepared to admit. I've lost them in the car before though. My son (27) says I'm a hoon and that my motorcycling friends are a bad influence ;) This is the kid who once severely damaged his car hooning with a friend (I paid to fix it), but now drives like a Nanna.
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    Payed half price for my license a couple of years back, 10 years without getting pinged.Thats riding an Italian sports bike like it should be ridden as well. Had 3 pings since, 2 red light ones,even with the Tom Tom camera alerts going off and one real BS one. Thats the one with 3 of us getting ticketed on one traveling HP car detecting 1 of us and the other 2 being ticketed aparenty traveling in a group.One of these has expired so 6 points for me. I deserved one of the red light busts, there were extenuating circumstances but there was no excuse, the other one was an arrow.The timing on left turn arrows must be one hell of a lot shorted than full lights. That one was a real pisser,it went orange and then red with me mid turn, 3 points and $400 close enough. I now provoke being rear ended just about 80% of lights I go through.
  17. Currently clean, but I've had my share over the years. Never had to walk though.
  18. It's all relative: like gravitational potential energy, you get to decide where to set your zero point.

    There are 12 demerit points to be accrued before losing one's license, and I have zero demerit points. That is, I have not been caught (which is not quite the same thing as not having transgressed) in about 3 years.

    I guess we could say I have -12? I dunno, it's all an odd sort of thing...
  19. So far (touch wood) no losses on a bike, in my last 5 years.
    Probably 10yrs since I had a ticket in the car, but I have been pulled over plenty of times.
    It's one of those cars that seem to attract attention at times. :)
  20. No points on mine.

    My one and only demerit was back in '06 when WA started experimenting with rear-plate speed cameras and didn't tell anyone for a while. That'll have long since dropped off the end. I've had a couple of <10km/h bookings over the last few years but those aren't points offences in WA.

    Not bad really, considering I've been driving for 31 years and riding for 27, much of it in a manner that would upset the wowser element. Some of it's down to a good sense of time and place, the rest is sheer blind luck.
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