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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by geeth, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I am about to clean my bike for the first time this weekend.
    I have read the thread stickied about cleaning but was just wondering.

    Is it ok to you car wash cleaner on the bike? ArmourAll power gell to be specific.
  2. If it says suitable for plastics or something like that you're sweet.
    You should be ok.

    I just mix up a brew in a small pump bottle if there is nothing major to clean off. Much easier to rinse off that way.
  3. Well it worked well (as far as i can tell) she's all shiny

    Just wondering with chain lube, how much is too much. I figure if it's dripping then thats obvious. Should it just be a nice wet coating and nothing more?
  4. everyone has their own way of doing chains. I spin the wheel once and spray on the inside then keep it spinning another 5 or 6 times. use the little straw thing so it doesn't spray everywhere. I've seen a mechanic do it and he slathered it on the outside but he had cleaned the chain first.
  5. What brand of lube do you guys use? I'm not sure what the differences are between them
  6. FWIW I use Motul factory line. The guy at bikemart recommended it.

    Use the search function.
  7. I use a tub of kerosene and a plastic brush to clean the chain - inside, outside etc. Rub it dry with a rag then Motul road bike lube on the inside rollers for 2 revolutions.

    Cleaning the rest of the bike, CT18 truckwash in a spray or pressure bottle - coat the whole bike then sponge the major panels (side, fairing, tank ect) down then normal pressure hose to rinse and she comes up sweet.

    Chrome metal bits use Autosol - I'm finding this removes discolouration and baked on shite from the exhaust.

    All of the above about a 3-4 stubbie job :)