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Cleaning your morotbike jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. I have a Rjays EVO jacket (all weather) and its getting way too hot to ride in and its starting to get a bit smelly from all the sweat,

    how can i clean it without damaging it or getting it soaking wet?

    Also is it worth getting a summer jacket, are they vented much more then an all weather jacket?

    The EVO is fairly heavy and thick even without the thermal liner in it, way too hot for the 30 + days.
  2. don't know about cleaning. wash my textile jacket in the bath.

    summer jackets are essential at the moment.
    metro honda in ringwood have a sale at the end of next week.(thurs 21-sat23)
  3. Just stick it in the washing machine, it's only fabric. Just don't dry it in a tumble drier, she'll be right.
  4. twistngo what do you use to wash it? a bar of soap? washing powder?

    something softer like baby shampoo maybe?
  5. do you take out the armor from the elbows and shoulders etc? before washing it
  6. Zealt, re the summer jacket idea, I have a Dririder "climate control" jacket, that has three layers - summer outside, zipped in rain layer, zipped in thermal layer. So far the summer section is great! Even on 40 degree days I have been comfortable riding.

    Ok, it is still hot, and the air you're riding through is hot, but when moving I was feeling quite ok. Probably rapidly dehydrating, but still feeling ok!

    As far as washing the jacket, isn't that what rain is for?
  7. I was told by someone to clean my leather couch with those bars of cheap natural soap and water. Then allow to dry and condition with a leather protector. When I come to clean my leathers or couch thats what I will do. Ultimately leather is really just a skin, so soap and water can't really damage it. I would take out armour though as i'm not sure what it is made of and if water would damage it.

    edit: just re-read OP. Assumed it was a leather jacket but maybe I was wrong? If it's textile then I would just clean it in the washing machine with normal washing detergent.
  8. I've got an RJay's Octane textile. I take the armour out and stick it in the washing machine. Works for me. I wouldn't do that with my Rivet leather, though :LOL:.
  9. my wife told me to use martha gardeners wool mix as its gentle but washing powder also works. its probably ok to use the washing machine
  10. Summer Jackets:
    I just hang my jacket on a coat hanger and hose it with the garden hose. Let it dry in the garage over night and the next day and you are done!

    Leather Jackets:
    I just spray Mr Sheen on and polish with an old t-shirt. It won't fade your jacket at all and has a light water repellant additive too
  11. I just uses Dainese leather cleanning kit. Before that I used a form "white runner" cleaner, it work really well on white leather from Myer.
  12. I ended up filling the laundry trough with warm water and a small amount of washing powder and some oxy clean, then let the jacket soak for 30 mins then rinsed it twice before putting it on a chair in the sun to dry off, it came out pretty well..

    I also went and got myself a summer jacket, i now know its a must it feels like its only a t-shirt it allows so much air through i love it!!!

    This is it http://www.cuccomoto.it/cuccomot/images/Netline.jpg its really good.
  13. yes wool wash is the best, it dose not have all the chemicals that normal washing stuff does.
  14. Digging up an old thread - but using an old thread is better than starting a new one.

    Washed the outer of my jacket for the first time in two years this weekend.

    My god! I'd forgotten my jacket was "don't you dare merge into my lane" red underneath all the road grime and leather-dye (from my gloves doing up fasteners/etc)!! :p :LOL:
  15. I got my mummy to wash mine on the weekend. We took the armor out, then mum washed it in dishwasher detergent and soaked it. We decided not to put it in the washing machine, my whites are white again :)

    the hardest part was putting the armor back in its right spot and to be comfy and feel protected
  16. Yah. That's part of what stopped me doing it for the last while... Didn't want to have to pull the armour out, etc.

    I'm using a seperate Knox armour undershirt and back protector now with the armour-less jacket for abrasion and weather protection only, because I was never keen on how loose the jacket's elbow/forearm armour felt.
  17. I wouldn't use Mr Sheen on leather. It has alcohol/solvents in it that will suck any natural oils from the leather. It'll go brittle and crack. Better off with a decent leather conditioner.
  18. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I was wondering if there was any particular cleaning products that we should use when cleaning leather jackets? Esp. white jackets, as mine gets dirty quite eaily. :(
    If anybody has any good products that they use or ways of cleaning dirt etc, it would be much appreciated! :D
  19. I just use the top grade car leather cleaners and conditioners..Mothers, etc.

    I reckon if they'll take care of the leather in the Jag they're good enough
    for my jacket.
  20. I've got the Evo jacket and a summer airmesh as well..........give it a wipe over every so often gets most crud off but.......take the armour out
    and throw it in the machine on gentle wash when it need a good going over..........
    Main thing is.......DONT dry it in the sun! hang it up in the shade to dry, same with Draggin jeans- hang in shade to dry.............

    With the leather Blade jacket, I've only had to wipe it over with a damp cloth so far to remove the grunge........gave it a good rub over with Dubbin' when I first bought it as 'off the shelf' is insufficient in protective treatment......
    Had to laugh- spent over an hour rubbing the dubbin in, when I'd finished I had this real shiny black & red 'vinyl looking jacket.. :shock:

    I thought "OH No way!!......there was no way I'd be seen dead in this :LOL: :LOL: but it dull back in about 24hrs as it conditions