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cleaning windscreens

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. What do you use to clean your windshield?

    what solvents can you use to remove stickers etc?

    can you use shellite?
  2. Maguires plastic cleaner,it gets all the swirls out and comes up like new.
  3. Windscreen? What's that?
  4. Mr Sheen, the racer's best friend....
  5. windscreen of my car i use bars bugs and a nylon scourer
    screen on the bike i just use ct18, let it soak then hose it off
  6. plexus, works for helmets and visors too.
  7. I have been hearing this plexus products name around lot's lately, where can one acquire this product?
  8. bike shops
    ricerbarn (autobarn style shops)
    possibly supershit auto (but don't count on it)
  9. ask grey bm lol
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  10. Toothpaste to buff, plexus to shine.
  11. try Autosol on the screen
    Eucalyptus Oil for removing sticker gum
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  12. +1 Agreed...

    Although on all plastics and painted surfaces I use Plexus......
  13. I used to use Motul Wash & Wax to clean parts of my bike, but it is expensive at around $20.
  14. Mix of vodka (or stronger) and water. Done.
  15. obviously clear plastic bike windshields. (or visors)

    Some compounds used to clean regular plastics will scratch the clear plastic and reduce the visibility (polishes, toothpaste etc.) same with helmet visor
    DO NOT use recycled paper towel etc. either

    cleaning would require something that does not scratch
    Soap and water are probably the best bet.

    But what i wanted to know, I just bought a bike and the 4 sale was written on the windshield with white-out, i am wondering what solvent will remove it but not ruin the plastic.

    are alcohols better, or petroleum based spirits?
    (some solvents will ruin the plastic)
  16. +1 on Plexus for plastics.
    Mr sheen for wheels (NOT tyres) also works on plastics.
    And use nothing, nothing on the seat(s)
  17. Ummm...errr....have you tried a bike shop!
  18. Yep, no sign of it.. hence the reason for my question
  19. I use Vuplex, it's similar and you can get it from BCF.
  20. seats are an absolute bastard to clean, if you are lucky yours is black