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Cleaning up the SR's handlebars, triple clamp etc...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys!

    Time has come to ge started on some SR400 stuff again. Since getting the rear end tidied up it's really shown how clunky the front end of the bike is. The gauges stick up like dogs bollocks and there's wires and fat ugly switchgear everywhere.

    Here's where it is at the moment...



    I've got a single cable throttle, a plate to relocate the bulky ignition under the seat and some of the sweetest looking little switches I've seen.



    They drill into the clipons. Switch on the left will be indicator, button will be horn. On the right it'll be Off/Low beam/High Beam and killswitch. Now all I have to do is learn how to solder properly. :grin:

    To keep the lines flowing more I'll have to move the headlight down.


    After muchas debilitating I'm going to ditch the tacho and get the speedo moved into the tank. Which leads me to another question - does anybody know a good welder in Melbourne? I can weld, but not well. Probably looking to put a tube straight through the tank. So if you know anybody who can weld a fuel tank, and won't charge through the nose get in touch. Looking to achieve this;


    Anyway, if you've got any ideas, criticisms or know where I can find a good welder... post away!
  2. Love the switchgear, but I'd keep the twin dials, or mount the speedo in the headlight shell, perhaps along with the warning lights if they're part of the tacho.

  3. those switchblocks are cool.
    i think the gauges look "right" as they are, but wonder whether you should think about lowering the front of the bike, either raising the forks through the sliders or reducing the suspension travel, to bring the visual mass of the front down for the same racy look you would get by shifting the light and gauges
    also, i imagine for the cost of welding the tank, you could almost buy a gauge like this, http://www.motogadget.com/en/
  4. I reckon you gotta flick those mirrors too. Maybe a small convex round bar end mirror or two, possibly one that clamps and goes under the bar rather than out (remember how I use to have my bar ends set up?). Or a mirror down at your foot (I've been thinking about that for a while).

    The speedo in the tank would be the coolest set-up, and a good simple design too, and shouldn't cost too much if you can get a competent friendly welder to do it (I'll email you the details of a car mechanic I know who's good for info on who's good and affordable). Otherwise, I see a bit of room on the left bar on which you could fit a removable bicycle speedo if the tank thing doesn't work out. I had one on my old GT550. Just take the speedo with you when you get off the bike. Just get one with a light for night time - I couldn't see mine at night, except for that time it was illuminated by the flash of a speed camera!

    Wanna go hard nut? I've considered getting a vintage repro alloy throttle, and not using grips - pure metal. I wouldn't do it, because I'm 30 and comfort-loving; but you're young and you're body's ripe for self-abuse (cough!). While you're at it, strip your tank back to bare polished metal.

    Where'd you get those switches from?

    Don't forget to fit an XR400 oil cooler.

  5. Thanks for the replies fellas!

    The twin dials look is pretty good, and very classic but I think my bike is going to be a little more "modern" or rocker in some ways. I had thought of the speedo on the headlight but there are a few getting around like that at the moment. I'm thinking of another approach at the moment, which might be interesting. Still in the tank, but perhaps in a raised section like a chopper.

    I'm hoping to get the thing completely clean. A mate of mine, a mechanic and fellow SR sufferer was down on the weekend.


    There's a comparison of the size of the things.


    The wires at the back. It wasn't as much of a tight fit as we'd thought, but soldering those points was a bit of a hassle.


    Right hand side. The right hand side switch had to be changed to another $2.00 one from jaycar as, after much stuffing around it looked like the push button had to be engaged the whole time so the kill switch wasn't engaged.

    So right button is lights, down for low bean, up for high beam and centre is off. Left hand button engages the killswitch when it's moved through the centre. Up or down is off.

    Left hand side went perfectly.


    I'll post up some pics later, but the installation was relatively easy. A lot easier if I didn't have to go to bunnings every five minutes to get a new tool. I drilled and tapped the centre whole, and then used a Dremel to carefully drill out the sections for the switches.

    Now to sort out the ignition unit. It's a chipset so the whole thing is about the size of my fist. Hiding it under the seat is a little bulky for what I want to do. I'm thinking hidden completely under the rear seat hump. There's a lot of wiring and a lot of soldering involved there. That's a big job...[/list]
  6. Wonder if you could work an internal throttle in with that right bar.

    where'd you get the switches?
  7. The switches are Japanese, from one of the mobs that does W650/SR500 stuff. I'm not too sure what brand they are, as they didn't really come in a packet.

    Internal throttle is a neat idea, and I had toyed with it before. The tricky thing looks like it's the thickness of the controls - most cruisers being 1 inch bars.

    But the old Honda Z50 has an internal mechanism that might be worthwhile checking out. I'm also a little worried about cable wear. I wonder how long it'd last?

  8. That's pretty neat. Looks like the boadtracker look is going to be the new chopper. Hopefully!

    The more I think about it the more skeptical I am that I'll have room to fit a cable down there with the wires. I might just have to live with it. Won't stop me from keeping an eye out for options...

    What mirrors did you have in mind, Matt?
  9. These

    or these

    Folded back under the bar might do. THough, rather than these I was think something smaller. We'll talk sometime with the bike in front fo us about mirrors at feet / leg level.

    How about this for the throttle? (Intend to get them for myself sometime) http://cgi.ebay.com.au/TWIN-PULL-Tw...3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66:2|65:1|39:1|240:1318

    There was a small '77 Triumph twin parked at uni today. Man that thing was clean - clean of parts, just the absolute basics. Looked very fine!

    Maybe the clean up could include ditching about a third (according to Thumps - his diagram below) of the wiring, including ignition, kill-switch (though I'd have a kill button mounted on the headlight, rather than killing the engine with the decompression lever).

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  11. Those gauges/idiot lights etc are cool as. They might be a little bit modern for what I'm doing.

    Good point about lowering everything through the bars. I might do it a bit, but the problem is still tank slap etc around shitty corners. Took me a while to stop that before, and I'm pretty paranoid it'll come back.

    Matt, thanks for the link on the bar end mirrors. I dunno though... they look a bit cheap for me! But your idea, last night, was pure genius.

    A quick recap for everyone else... Matt had this idea last night of using a bicycle speedo. I wasn't a big fan of them before because they look a little modern and out of place. BUT he brought my attention to ones that are wireless between the sensor and the speedo. Solution is simple, have the bike speedo on a old fashioned leather-cover-up wrist watch. No speedo on the bike at all. Muahahaha!
  12. And your idea for making panniers out of those cheapo army disposal bags was in turn brilliant - went and bought some today. $20 for materials, saddlebags that are easily lifted off the bike when I park, and I don't look like a yanky nob into the bargain! Will post a pic...

    I'm eventually gonna use that speedo idea too, but only when I do a drastic clean-up involving wiring in the handlebars etc. One issue of course is idiot lights, but they can go anywhere...
  13. i have heard reports that the electronics on a motorbike interfere with the wireless ability of bike speedo's. i guess they're pretty cheap, so it wouldn't be a big loss if it didn't work.
    you could also go steampunk style, and get a metal stop-watch handlebar mount, then pull apart a fobwatch, and insert the bike speedo inside, so that you could flip a metal lid over the top when not in use. just an idea, i'd have to have all the parts to see whether it would work.
  14. You take more drugs than me.
  15. Strong drugs too.
  16. you can get a small speedo and cut the speedo cable down and attach it to the fork leg top so it sits level with the wheel.