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Cleaning up the ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by roysrun, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone,

    sorry in advance if im repeating whatever has been said in another post....
    what and how is the best way to clean my bike when necessary....also the best way go about checking water and oil and stuff....

    if these are redundent questions please let me know....

    thanks in advance ] (*,).
  2. These are redundant questions.
    Thanks for playing.
    (Bucket, hose, carwash syrup, sponge. Oil, distilled water, owner's manual...)
  3. lmao easy done man cheers
  4. Kreeps ya forgot the beers .... as my old granny used to say .. a job worth doing is worth doing well...
  5. I would normally suggest that beer is for after the job Nobby, but in the case of cleaning I guess it's OK - I can't usually face my chain unless I've got a coldie on the shed floor...
  6. NK thought you would have been more considerate to a noob and offered free training using your bike as a model to ensure he/she does their bike properly
  7. See Goddie, that's why I like you: you're an ideas man...

    So whaddaya reckon RoysRun? Do you own a pair of bicycle shorts and a bucket? I reckon my ride will be pretty filthy by Saturday... ;)
  8. You'd think a person on here looking at bettering themselve would jump at an opportunity to 'learn' to do things the right way... Ahhh, back in my day !
  9. Picturing NK standing over the poor boy cleaning his chain

  10. lol thats gold !!!
  11. Isn't it done like this:
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  12. #13 goddie, Jan 24, 2012
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    bad link, if its funny, fixs the link please, works boring me

    just come good!! :)
  13. I'm sorry, But was there a bike in there???????
  14. Picture no more :p............

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  15. Well that is just fantastic
  16. Bennetts can clean my bike any time