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Cleaning Tyres

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Trekka273, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. I have been doing some work on my bike, and I am concerned that I may have got some degreaser, etc on the tyres. Is there anything that you can use to "wash" tyres to clean them off, or is it just a matter of having to ride pretty carefully for a while to make sure the surface has cleaned off? Would just hot soapy water be ok to use, and would it be of any benefit?

    Obviously I don't want to use tyre shine products, etc because I don't want a clean, but very slippery, tyre.

    Any tips would be great.
  2. Hot soapy water (dishawshing liquid will do) and then lotsa of rinsing to remove any trace of soap.
    After using de-greaser on the rear sprockets I remember seeing a brown stain on the rear tyre on a two fiddy .I was worried that it might make the rubber perish. Turns out that it wont..it just looks nasty.
  3. Bikie poo poo's will be just fine, you wait and see!
  4. Thanks. Will try soapy water, and use a scrubbing brush to give them a good clean, then scrub them a fair bit with plenty of warm water to get rid of any soap residue.
  5. Could also try a citrus spray product called Xenit.... awesome stuff, detailer uses it on car tyres, even when you thought they were clean, this stuff gets out more dirt/oil etc and won't hurt the rubber.
  6. Acetone is good. I used to use it on new tyres to clean the mold release off.
  7. Don't scrub your tyres. Leave them alone.

    Get some brake disk cleaner, give the tread a spray down and wipe some gunk off.

    Don't use a hard brush or anything like that, just some brake disk cleaner and a clean rag.

    And FFS don't spray armourall or tyre cleaner on there...saw some kid doing that on the weekend, ****ing idiot had shined his tread up...
  8. I would have hung around to watch him ride afterwards :D does that make me a bad person?
  9. I've seen an uninsured gixxa-thou lowside into a curb at 20km/h and cause major front cosmetic damages in the four figure range of $$$$'s due to the knob owner letting his squid friend ride it around the block... with that tyre shine/black shit all over it.

    But speaking of greasy shit on tyres;

    Tassie 2010 + Hot day of riding + 4 beers each + 2 numpties (me numpty #1) + Chain Lube aerosol + no center stand/paddock stand = completely white LHS of rear tyre but well lubed chain... :grin:
  10. No intention of using armourall or anything like that on it, not that stupid :)

    What is the problem with using a brush to clean them? I would have thought the only problem would be if you used the wrong sort of cleaner, etc. How would a brush hurt the tyre?
  11. It proves you've ignored the 'warm soapy water' advice, which means you're silly.
  12. Ok, I must be silly. Either that or tired from having worked 13 hours today and not thinking straight. What does warm soapy water have to do with it? I was thinking of warm soapy water and a softish scrubbing brush with warm soapy water.
  13. Just use acetone and a rag, makes them look nice and black while making them clean and sticky.

    If you don't have any just the warm soapy water, the soap lifts the grime and oil then wash it off with more warm water. using a brush isn't gonna hurt if you're worried about it don't get your tyres on the road that's much worse for them then a brush!
  14. Warm soapy water is crucial because if you don't use it you're bike will explode on contact with the brush. It's called the "numpty effect".

    I just said don't bother with the brush cos it's not necessary. rag and some solvent and you're good to go. (Unless you like wasting a good brush).
  15. degreaser is bad on tyres? I use it sometimes to remove chain lube.
  16. It's multi purpose.

    After I've eaten KFC I like to spray it all over my face and hands.
  17. Couldn't agree more, that deep burn feels like you've squashed a zinger on your face! :)
  18. Finger lickin' good.