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Cleaning the sidewalk by blowing sh*t into the road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by duncan_bayne, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. I'll be on the phone to them again during office hours. That cycle lane gets damn slippery after the 'cleaner' has filled it with leaves.

    Last time we spoke I was told that he'd been instructed to collect the leaf litter. Either they didn't do that, or he's not a great listener.

  2. A stupid piece of equipment that is completely pointless... What about a leaf vacuum?
  3. Sidewalk??????
    it's a fcukkin FOOTPATH!!!!!!
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  4. Shrimp
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  5. Don't worry the street sweeper will come along and put that sh*t back on to the footpath soon enough :p
  6. When did we lose out path in life when we really care about leaves being blown around........
  7. When people are going @RSE over lolly on their pushies I guess.
  8. I nearly wrote myself and my bike off once, hitting damp leaf litter on an otherwise dry road. End result was a list of painful but short-lived injuries, and several hundreds of dollars worth of damage to my CG125.

    Lesson learned, alright, but why create extra hazards when it's not necessary?

    Plus it's just the sheer carelessness, the disregard for every other human being using the damn city, that made me mad. The "not my job" mentality, and damn everyone else.

    Perhaps I was just having a grumpy day.

    "Not my job, mate" :mad: