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Cleaning the Header Pipes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by camocarzy, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. One and all I ask for your assistance and experience. I have an 06 Yamaha FZ1N with the four into one header pipe assembly common on all Fazers. When I purchased the bike I was concerned about some staining and road crud on the headers but was confident that I could remove it. After trying the hot soapy water and elbow grease remedy I can now confirm that I was wrong. Does anyone know of a method or product that can help me remove the old grime without scratching / steel wooling the pipes?

  2. Re: Cleaing the Header Pipes

    AUTOSOL metal polish. Go get some, now :p
  3. Yes +1
  4. what i do... firstly remove any soluble dirt with soapy/water/wash off. then, usually remaining are bits of tar.. they come off with a rag soaked in WD40 with little effort.. then, you have a nice set of clean pipes ready to polish...

    but, to keep them nice you need to attack the tar bits frequently.

    A good way to get at the pipes is get a suitable rag, wrap it around the pipe and apply the polish, loop it round and you can get the polish right around it in the sawing-motion, then clean rag/buff it the same way..

    I've done this to most bikes I've had, brings them up like new... except the GTR :LOL: they're buried inside the fairing and hard to get at... so I don't look them..... :LOL: :LOL: (I've done it to 21+ previous bikes, I think I've gotten a bit lazy now :grin:
  5. Autosol was an expensive non-solution for the headers on the Hornet. I ended up using steel-wool soap pads.....
  6. Cleaning the Headers

    Thanks for the swift replies everyone... I am confident that once the grime is removed I can polish them up with Autosol and get them looking new, the problem that I am having is removing the grime in the first place. I have tried the WD40 and got some results but still have some stubbin road cccccrap left over, even after a number of attempts. Will steel wool (even 0000) scratch the pipes? Did you have any marks laft over on the Hornet after using the soap pads Hornet 600?
  7. No, the surface wasn't damaged. Unfortunately however, unrelated to road grime, the pipes are very discoloured and nothing short of replacement will remedy that :(.
  8. And it doesnt work on the Bandit either. :cry:
    I soak crud off with Kero (cold headers!!!) and buff as hard as I can but some stains remain. I may try a braso brand product soon.

    Autosol works well on cooler sections of the exhaust and muffler, just not on the SS headers and there is no way I'm going near them with steel wool :oops:
  9. not too sure what the fzr's headers are made out of, but here's a tip if you have a titanium exhaust system...

    I clean my whole exhaust (headers, mid-pipes & muffler) with aluminum foil and WD40. I scrunch up the al foil and spray WD40 onto the foil and scrub away.

    Aluminum is softer than titanium, but is harder than other crap that gets stuck on the exhaust system - which includes: boot scuffing, tar, chain lube etc.
  10. i use light to medium grade wet and dry sand paper on the hornet 900. after that i either finish it off with autosol or silvo.

    the alu. foil and wd40 is interesting. shall give that a go next time.