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Cleaning Textile Jacket & Pants.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RedRobbo, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Wasn't sure if I should post this in here or in the newbie section so moderators please move in needed. I have searched the forum and wasn't able to find anything. I know they need to be hand washed which I do but is there any one product that works better than others. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated cheers Rob(y).

  2. Regular laundry powder and warm water lol.
    If its been ages and you have worn it a lot, get ready for a diesel stinking black watery mess...
  3. Do they need to be reproofed with something?
  4. I wash mine on a gentle machine wash cycle, with a small amount of gentle detergent. Hang out to dry, do not use a machine dryer.
    No damage to the suit or the waterproofing after two years of use and approx six washes.
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  6. After 4 years I chucked mine in the bath with warm soapy water and let is soak for a day. My wife wouldn't let me put it in the washing machine. The amount of shit that came out of it was scary. I rinsed it then soaked them again before putting them through a gentle machine wash.

    Oh just one thing, make sure you take out any elbow/shoulder/back protectors and double check ALL the pockets. (I found a $20 note in mine).
  7. Gotta love the lady logic there, don't put dirty stuff in the washing machine - it'll get dirty. That's why I have to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dish washer.
  8. I used to argue, but I've been married a very very long time and I've found for things like this it's easier (and you loose less privileges) if you just nod and do what they've asked.
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  9. ...and why the house has to be clean before the house cleaner comes..

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  10. I learned very early on not to argue, she beats me down with intellect. reasoning, wit and other unfair methods.
  11. It's the tears that get me. I suddenly feel guilty about making her cry. It's not till later on that I realise that I'd done nothing.
  12. Tears are man kryptonite. I wonder how they go on dirty textiles, probably wash cleaner than tap water.
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  13. People wash motorcycle clothing? :eek:
    If you want them clean just rub them with ham and find some cats.
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  14. I have read on the net that gentle cycle in the washing machine in fine, just wanted to see what others do.
  15. Get a mate with a ute to take you through an automated car wash.
  16. I stuck to hand washing more out of interest. For sure give it a better rinse when done as all the seams soak up the powder lol.

    You will find most waterproof stuff needs to be washed too, and won't actually work when filthy...
  17. So Mr Messy is actually a clean freak?
    NB - I'm not actually a real Womble.
  18. How disappointing. You're so cute.
  19. I take all the 'bit's out of my jacket and put it through a gentle wash using wool wash detergent. My textile jackets tend to get mostly bug innards on them, but then I do very little riding in the city, where I'm guessing that you've got a lot of 'other' stuff that gets on your gear.
  20. Damn, and here's me thinking I'm conversing with a real womble.

    Interesting yet useless fact at one point the Womble guitarist was Chris Spedding