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Cleaning rust?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by wozza, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Part of my bike's appearance has been annoying me since I purchased the bike 2nd hand. It's on the muffler pipe (the actual pipe not the exhaust) and it looks like rust. What is the best way to clean this without damaging the pipe or anything else?


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  2. 2 ways basicly.

    1. Pull the pipe of and use sand paper to knock the rust of (asumeing it's only surface rust) and repaint with high temp paint to stop the rust comeing back (untill the paint chips again

    2. Use chemicals, aka rust converter. Again pull the pipe of, paint the stuff on to the rusted area and leave for 24 hours. Makes the rust inert so it doesn't spread. Prep then paint.
    Rust converter contains acid, so your going to need some PPE, gloves, goggles, ect.

    For minor surface rust I would go with the first option.
  3. Thanks for the reply Orb, would you be able to suggest a high temp paint for me?

    And what grit sandpaper would you suggest? wet and dry?
  4. I had basically the same thing on my bike, I remove the exhaust system and used a power drill with a wire wheel fitting to get rid of the worse bits and then a coarse and fine buffing wheel, it came up a treat. Shitloads easier than hand sanding too, and not as aggresive.

    For the final polish I used purple polish but you could use Autosol, Meguires etc...
  5. Start with the rough stuff and finish with the fine stuff, as bamm-bamm said
    can't beleave I forgot about wire wheels ](*,)

    I used "septone heat proof", but only because it was the only stuff in town, I would grab another paint If I could find some here.
  6. Rust converters aren't a reliable paint system.

    Prepare the area back to sound metal properly then repaint.