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Cleaning Rims

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. My bike rims are that sort of galvanised silver metal finish.

    Whats a good finish friendly product to use for cleaning them?
    Mr Sheen doesn't quite cut it as there's quite a bit of road grime on them.


  2. Kerosene works or just pick up a few cans of cheap CRC/WD40 (often sold as "water dispersant").
  3. I've got painted rims, and after I wash them I use turps to get the grime and crap off them. works pretty well. can't see why you couldn't use them on metal rims.
  4. After you have cleaned them with a brush and kero or some sort of other petrochemical, shine them up with Brasso metal polish. But don't use that if they are painted.
  5. I've got nickel plated polished rims (ala mirror). I first wet them down to remove excess grime/grit. I pick off any stone fragments which do seem to get stuck occasionally. Allow to dry, then use a (low smell) kerosene soaked paper towel to wipe the rims down. This prevents the kero from getting onto the tyres. Then a rinse with water. Allow to dry. Another wipe down with kero towel to remove any stubborn bits as required. Another rinse. Wipe down/dry with a cloth towel to prevent water drying marks, and then a final polish up with Autosol or Brasso.
  6. Grease & Tar remover.

    Available from most auto shops & kmart. Sometimes referred to as Prepsol.

    Effortless, fast and good results.
  7. There's another product i found called liquid reflections, my wheels (fully polished) were looking a bit yucky, i got that and a little bit of work brought them up pretty awesome.

    I've tried wd40 etc on them, it just didnt bring up the shine that i wanted..
  8. Most factory finished wheels that appear to be bare metal are usualy clear coated ... so be carefull using an abrasive ....... if u havent got any of the above mentioned products in your shed ... try raiding ya wifes/ girfriends laundry .... preen works well ... and your wheels will smell lovvvvely lemon
  9. Thanks guys.

    I might try the Prepsol I think as I'm not sure what finish I have on the rims but it looks like some sort of paint.
  10. powder coated finish???
  11. Basically just petrol with a small amount (10%) of alcohol added, you could make your own and save some cash (just buy petrol with ethanol in it). Will be safe on raw aluminium, shouldn't attack painted/coated surfaces (but could).
  12. ok then, whats the 'safest' thing to use as they could be powder coated or painted...

  13. I always use a small amount of turps on a rag on my painted rims and the turps really gets rid of the grime well and makes cleaning the rims easy.

    On the same topic does anyone know of an easy way to clean the inside/back of the spokes?
  14. Definitely kerosene.

    I recommend buying the "low odour" variety from Bunnings in a 4L bottle. Doesn't cost much (<$10). Will be enough to clean your bike weekly for the next year. Fantastic for removing road grime as well.

    Pretty much all of the road grime/grease removers all use some amount of kerosene in them. Why pay more for someone's special blend. Use kerosene once and watch the grease practically disappear as soon as you touch it, then follow up with a regular soap wash, then a towel/chamois for a perfect finish.
  15. From what I've seen of the Hyosung it looks to have anodised rims, possibly with a clear coat (can't see why you'd paint/powder coat aluminium silver). Kerosene should be fine, could also try metho or a citrus based cleaner (ie shower cleaner). If it is uncoated aluminium then keep any alkaline cleaning products (ie detergents) away from the rims (or any other exposed aluminium parts) since they will, over time, corrode the metal.
  16. [quote="Kraven"

    On the same topic does anyone know of an easy way to clean the inside/back of the spokes?[/quote]

    We clean our wheels, swing arm, and all the bits that get caked with "fling and grot" with Kero. For the really hard to get at places we use a soft toothbrush - not one specifically bought for the purpose, but the ones we have finished using ourselves. They make great little cleaning tools.
  17. 748girl, do you have clean the bike after brushing your teeth and then put the toothbrush back? :shock:

    or are they really old toothbrushes? :p :p
  18. Just finished cleaning and polishing the bike....rims came up great with the kerosene, although I will have to get some little brushes to get them spotless.

    I think I enjoy polishing up the bike almost as much as riding it, very satisfying :grin:
  19. Mr Sheen is the ducks guts for cleaning chain lube and road crap off wheels. Just keep it off the tryes. Spray it on, give it a wipe with a clean cloth and shiny wheels are yours. Mr Sheen also cleans up old aluminium and can get most of the crap off your exhaust. And no, I dont work for them! Go the Sheen!
  20. I did the same, came up great. Just used some orange degreaser to get the oily kero residue off after, and made sure there was none on the tyres. I might give Mr Sheen a go next time.