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Cleaning radiator

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by josh909, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. after making the annual pilgrimage to canberra for xmas my radiator is now covered in bugs and general insect bodyparts. is there any particular way i should be cleaning it or is it just a case of taking to it with a rag and water?

  2. If you have a "naked" bike you can flush alot of the bugs out with a hose coming from the opposite end.... Alternatively, and this is nasty, tweesers and pull them out...... Dont use high pressure hoses and you can damage the cooling fins
  3. Don't use a high pressure hose, it can bend the radiator folds.

    Cousin found out the hard way trying to get the locusts out of his radiator. He's now straightening the bloody things one by one with a cuticle cleaner!

    Use a high detergent truck wash or something, let it dissolve the nasty buggers a bit and then clean carefully with scourer and water.
  4. thanks fellas :)
  5. ive seen radiator for cars cleaned with a pressure washer.... it was adjustable....to you could lower the preasure untill it did the job without damaging the fins.

    not sure how easy they are to come by though.
  6. You can get some raely good Bug sprays that break down the bugs to make tham easier to wash away (sonax make one) , from there a tooth brush (carefully ) is good and not much more than that. If you find any that are realy stuck be careful if you do pull them of they can pull the fins out.
  7. Toothbrush, or air compressor at local servo.
  8. +1 toothbrush and a slow hose
  9. Now you know why full-face helmets are so popular :grin:
  10. Hey guys my radiator has a lot of dried up dirt on it and I'm wondering is it possible to get all that cleaned off so it looks much nicer?

    Can you do it without taking it off the bike or would it need to be removed?


    EDIT: it's a 2007 triumph daytona.
  11. If u degreased it and used a hose and scrubbing brush that should do. Don't push too hard and go bending the fins though
  12. Low pressure hose off.
    CT18 in a spray bottle, spray on, leave for 10 mins, hose off.

    Any bent fins...... use the tail of a cable/zip tie to clean out or straighten fins.

    Once clean and sorted. Go buy some screen from Supercheap auto (the stuff the young blokes use to bling the front grill of their cars) cut it to size, and fit it to the front of the raidiator. I have used zip ties for the job, heat hasn't affected the ties.