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Cleaning products

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 12RS, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Not really DIY as such, but I was recommended the silicon based cleaner for my bike that doesn't use water. It's got plastic panels.

    Has anyone used this sort of stuff and is it any good?

    Also, to any painters out there, it just had a full respray and I was told not to wash it for 6 weeks - is this really necessary?

    Thanks brethren.
  2. Not sure which waterless wash you were recommended but quite a few of them are not intended for regular use due to the fact they contain glycols (similar to brake fluid) that will damage the paint. They were designed purely for people displaying their cars, who wanted something to remove any small amounts of dirt picked up driving to the location.

    It's something that came up during the peak of the water restrictions in Victoria, where people were using these products a lot owing to the fact that washing vehicles was not allowed under Stage 4 restrictions.
  3. Microfibre wash mitts/cloths certainly work, and are now quite cheap to buy.

    In most cases they eliminate the need even for soap - just straight water works fine.
  4. A gentle car wash soap and water is the go.

    Then as JD said, microfibre cloths and Quick Detailers are good. A coat of wax also goes a long way.

    I do detailing part time, so feel free to ask any questions...
  5. As above a warm gentle wash with a clean sponge,and rinse off with a watering can
    have it dried,detailed with microfibre clothes,then maybe a wax.Dont use terry cloth their too hard and will scratch or swirl.
  6. There are a number of Waterless wash products on the market and some of them are very good, there are a number of advantages to using a waterless wash system a couple being some products are ECO friendly and also save water for obvious reasons. They can be quick and easy to clean the bike/car and If used regularly help to keep it cleaner for longer. Some of the better ones also act as a spray or quick wax keeping your ride looking it's best due to the polymer technology in them,

    In regards to your paint, to be told not to wash it for 6 weeks is a little excessive IMO, If they used an acrylic then it is common not to use a wax or sealant for that time frame as the paint is still out gassing (solvent is evaporating) but washing should not be a problem, however if it was sprayed in 2K then there really is no problem using the above products with in a week of it being sprayed.

    Using a wax is fine however for better longevity I would suggest a polymer or synthetic sealant.

    Hope it helps

    PS SamBoss 260, I hav'nt seen you on DP in a while

    Cheers Daniel
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  7. Not a huge fan of waterless stuff, more so when its from the internet.

    Some good microfibre cloths, and a cloth mitt and a good soft car wash will do the trick, that's all I use.

    Plenty of quality polishes and waxes out there now for a reasonable price too.
  8. I use CT18 or CT20.. works great, never had an issue with it.
  9. Cheers for the words of wisdom. On another note - can you wash real leather chamois in the washing machine? It seems like something that could degrade quickly if treated the wrong way.
  10. Would you put a leather jacket in the washing machine? ;)

    Hand wash, then dry indoors out of direct sunlight.
  11. As a cleaner yes it does, however keep in mind if you use a wax or sealant as protection CT will strip (remove) the protection rendering it useless.

    So how do you go about caring for your chamois leather?

    1.After use rinse your leather by hand in warm soapy water. Do not use dish-washing detergent as this will remove the oils from within the chamois. Instead use natural soap – a bar of pure soap that you would wash your hands with will be ideal

    2.Once the dirt is cleaned out of the chamois then rinse again in clean warm water and re-lather some soap back into the leather – this will help keep it soft

    3.Next gently squeeze out the excess water, stretch out and hang up to dry naturally – but not in bright direct sunlight as you do not want it to dry too quickly

    4.Once completely dry your chamois leather can be folded or rolled and stored in a dry container, but only when completely dry

    5.Next time you come to use it, first rinse it again in warm
    water to soften it and remove the soap that was lathered into it before it was dried and stored.

    If you follow these simple steps you should many seasons of car drying out of your chamois leather.

    Cheers Daniel
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  12. Thanks Daniel.

    Daniel :eek:)
  13. Lol same same different, car/bike drying is drying. The whole purpose of drying is to avoid water spotting.

    Hey if you want to get fancy use a blower or air from a compressor to remove the bulk of the water then use a detail spray with a waffle weave drying towel. It will dry better and look better.

    If you want some more advise shoot me a pm