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Cleaning Plastics (being a bit anal on this one)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tiggers, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Cleaned the bike last night and noticed one my decals was peeling off in one corner (admittedly you'd need a magnifying glass to see it) so I ended up stripping it off and thought yeah that looks good, then took all of them off.

    The KLR is totally black now

    I’ve managed to get all the glue off but now you can see a faint outline of where the decals have been.

    Anyone got any ideas for buffing the plastics, tried straight car polish but it didn’t do anything.

  2. 2 possiblities..
    either there was a coat of clear over the paint and stickers and you now have a raised edge at the edge of the stickers, or the paint has faded due to exposure to sunlight, the stickers protecting the paint underneath them from sunlight hence the 'stickered' areas are a little darker.....

    only real solution....re-spray the entire affected panel(s)
  3. +1 vote for faded in sunlight. Very common on offroad bike plastics.

    If you really did want to fix it, I'd look into both respraying and replacing with ebay fairings.
    Whole set of fairings may even be cheaper depending on where its from (and then you have a spare set if you drop it, and decide to sell)
  4. Hey Tigger, welcome back mate. Post us a picture of your "black beauty" KLR, sans-decals.

  5. Cheers KLR, I'll take a pic tonight, she's looking pretty hot all in black.

    Was googling resotring faded plastics and found a site that was discussing using boiled linseed oil and paint thinner to get it back to black...WTF
  6. Thinner?

    Sounds trustworthy :-s
  7. What year is your bike... to get an idea of how fast/slow the paint faded?
  8. As others have said it sounds like differences in the paint due to sunlight. I had the same problem after removing some of the badges from my car, so tried some of this:

    Didn't seem to work too bad considering the paint on my car is 20 years old. You can still see where the badges were but it's nowhere near as obvious as it was before. If the paint on your bike is younger it might be more effective, but then it might not. Still might be worth trying before going for a full repaint though ;).
  9. If that stuff doesn't fix the fading, you could probably drink it ... :)

  10. Thinners n black current!

    Got a pic but can't up load it at work....damn security!
  11. IMG_2976[1].

    here's the klr in black
  12. Some polish like diamond cut from meguiars and a soft buff pad on a random orbital should bring up the plastics somewhat. Have used it on Buell's that have coloured plastic (rather than painted) and it works good. Your plastics may be a little soft though if they're anything like normal offroad/dirtbike plastics they may go a bit cloudy. UFO plastics are cheap if you want to swap instead of polish?
  13. This stuff is brilliant on car duco that has been scratched, but never used it on plastics...


    Otherwise, the only thing I touch the bike with, anywhere, is PLEXUS

    I'd try the plexus first.
  14. Plexus = good.
    Wash it... wait till dry... then spray plexus on and wipe off, simple.
    Be a little cautious about waxing/polishing your fuel tank/where you hold with your knees. Unexpected slipperyness = singing soprano.
  15. Thanks for the plexus tip - I'll give it a go