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cleaning/painting my bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by patske, May 9, 2005.

  1. Hey does anyone know any good products for cleaning up my bike. It's old and seems to be greasy everywhere I really need to clean the damn thing. Also does anyone know anything about painting parts on my bike, like frame and brake calipers i.e what paints to use etc...

  2. Probably as a last resort after exhausting all other options, soak the bike in a 50:50 mix of kero and petrol and throw a match at it :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  3. Ok, a serious tip...Once you do get it clean, give it small but frequent cleanups each time you ride. One day, give the screen/headlight a wipe over, next time, wipe crud off the swingarm etc. A full cleanup will then be pretty quick. Most of this type of cleaning takes less than a minute and can be done as the bike is warming up
  4. okay and how about painting my bike parts?
    namely brake calipers and things like this. What type of paints to use since I'm assuming because breaks get Hot a different type of paint is needed.
  5. Painting calipers use a high temp engine paint. Most auto shops will stock some (Repco, Autobahn etc...). These are sometimes marketed specifically as 'Brake Caliper' paint but are essentially the same.
    Take note of surface preperation requirements as most calipers have a healthy rust coat that the paint needs to deal with if you don't clean them up and prime them.

    I suspect the color choice will be the biggest choice, so dont get bogged down with name brands - they all do the job pretty much the same.
  6. Hey,
    Like nalasrob said,
    you can get brake caliper paint,
    but any high temp paint will work,
    some on the brake caliper paints do have funkier colours.
    Like a wicked neon blue or really bright yellow, whatever you like really,
    or you could go to an autobahn store and get the colour of you choice mixed while you wait (takes about 10 minutes)
    The real secret is the prep of the offending items,
    really need to get off all rust and road grime and oils,
    clean with something like CT10 truckwash is a good start,
    sand or wire wheel to remove any rust or corrosion,
    clean with PREPSOL or similar product to ensure that you have cleaned the surface properly (warning dont spill Prepsol on anything that you want the old paint to remain on, it cleans surface very well)
    Etch prime the surface allow to dry and give a light rub back to even up the coating,
    (read instructions on can for recoat times)
    A couple of coats of etch primer will give a good base for desired top coat, and if you go for a gloss top coat give a move even finish.
    You can even get heat proof clear coats to go over your paint of choice,
    I painted the Arrows exhaust pipes on my bro's Aprilia RS250 black with several coats of gloss over the top for good measure.
    Makes the parts easier to clean in the future.
  7. ledgends thanks guys that's exactly what I was looking for, I'll head down to the local autobarn tommoz
  8. Awwwwhh, shuddup !!!
    You don't quit the KERO we'll stick a bottle up yer rear with a 2 second fuse :p :p :p :p
  9. Should be a fairly effective method of colonic irrigation. I hear it cleans stuff pretty well. :)
  10. I got advice yesterday; apparently some spray degreaser from super cheap auto does a pretty good job, while not being harsh enough to tarnish any alloy you might have there...