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Cleaning out fuel tank?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hyper24, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. How do you clean out a fuel tank, is it something you can do yourself, or if not how much would it cost?

  2. Yes. If you think there is water in the tank..rinse with a bit of metho. Or just to clean..with petrol.
    You'd need to take it off and turn it upside down..or a better solution would be to remove the fuel tap/petcock..and allow the crud to wash thru.
    I run my bikes on reserve wih a full tank from time to time to ensure that there is no build up of crud.
  3. What he said. You can also put about a litre of fuel in the tank (with tank off bike) and slosh the tank around like a madman for as long as you can. Rinse and repeat.
    Flush heaps of fuel through the fuel tap til it runs clean, then reinstall tank, WITH A FUEL FILTER if the bike doesn't have one.
    Then drain your carb float bowls if a carbed engine. If you have a dirty tank, you'll have dirty carbs. Fortunately, most of the crud settles in the bottom of teh float bowls, till they either get too full, or the bike falls over and crud is dispersed through carb.
    If you have rust in the tank, look at using the tank lining products available.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Just the owner of the current bike im looking to buy says he doesnt run the tank under 100ks because it needs a clean.
    So just seeing how much of a job it will be to clean.

    So you mean disconnect the hose that runs from the tank to the carbie and just let all the petrol run out? then wash through with some metho?
    I suppose that what you dont have to take the tank off and invert.

    With dirty tanks would there be a build up on the sides of the tank that needs to be scrubbed, or would just draining it be good enough for a clean?
  5. I dont think u will have much succes scruubing anything out of a fuel tank.
    +1 to what typhoon saiz. One of my bikes has a rusty fuel tak and someone used a platic lining solution to coat the inside of it. Thats about the best u can do after cleaning/rinising it.
  6. Take the tank off the bike, and remove the subfuel cock (the exit at the bottom of the tank which connects to the carbies.

    get a piece of chain or handful of bolts (chain is better - if you use bolts, make sure you count how many you put in - they can be a pain to get out) and put them in the tank, along with some petrol and shake the hell out of the tank. The idea is that the chain will break up the crud and rust, and fuel will wash it out. you'd be surprised just how much crud can be in there.

    after you've done this using a lining may well be a good idea - i've never done so though, so don't know what's good or bad.

    Hope that helps,

  7. maybe look at running an extra in line fuel filter, might pay to look at how it would fit while the tank is out and would be a little easyer to re-route the fuel line etc... the yamaha R1 has a very small trick filter, also you get to look at the stuff going through when your warming it up... :LOL:
  8. "Kreem" is the good stuff for cleaning/lining tanks. I'm looking for some at the moment. It's about $90 from any good bike store (if they've got it in stock - bastards...), and apparently is the shizzle.
  9. how do you guys get around vacuum fuel taps that dont allow petrol through without the motor on?
  10. That's what the "Prime" setting is for.

  11. yes iv seen this before on other bikes but mine just has res, on, off and fuel does not flow on any of them :(
  12. cuvy's tip is a good one.

    Worked for me once before on a race bike with rust/scale in the tank. And yes, you'll be surprised at how much crud can be in there. A tiny bit of moisture (water in fuel) and some time is all it takes for the rust to start....
  13. a friend of mine had his tank sandblasted because of rust on edges inside. Not sure where it was done but he had no complaints
  14. Does it unscrew?

    Also consider a little inline filter as mentioned - I got one from a mower shop for about $10 - great investment. Despit being sloshed around whilst riding, what happens when you park the bike for any length of time? Crud usually floats to the bottom. Where's the tap? Little filter of some knd will help and is a cheap investment.