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Cleaning oil splatter off fairing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Matrix, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Hey all

    I have a black fireblade and have a build up of oil splatter on the fairing (underneath near the front sproket)

    I have been a bit slack over the last few weeks with washing the bike and do well over 1000kms a week but am always spraying the cain with lube.

    What is the best stuff to clean the oil from the fairing as soapy water won't move it and I don't know about spraying degreaser on the fairing.

    Can anyone recommend anything ???
  2. degreaser (get the high quality stuff made for bikes)

    Or the 'you already have this at home' option, some sort of goo remover. Spray on, leave for a minute then wipe away.
  3. i use degreaser sprayed onto a rag, then wipe off, then wash area where the grease is
  4. Thanks Will give it a go. Was just a bit worried the degreaser may affect the paintwork
  5. And stop putting to much on. Or try a cilicone type lube.
  6. Kero is your friend, it is the best thing for removing chain lube when cleaning chain.
  7. get yourself down to supercheap and purchase some of their 'export' brand degreaser $1.99 a tin and its bloody brilliant, just make sure to rinse well (best put on before washing so it will rinse off well) it wont remove your paint but leaves white streaks (non permanent) if not washed off correctly
  8. Thanks all

    I was actually in the bike shop last night buying some new wet weather gear and did buy smoe Export degreaser but paid $3.25 (think I got ripped) Looks like I will be busy cleaning the bike this weekend. It's raining here for the long weekend anyway so won't have much else to do.

    Thanks again