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Cleaning my new bike...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Muzbot, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Have just got my first bike a new VTR250 in matt black. Woohoo! I'm looking for advice on cleaning the matt finish. I removed a couple of stickers from it and they've left a small outline where they were.
    Oh, and there's a few fingerprints on it now from me leaning over it and hugging it :)

  2. I use truck wash to clean my bikes, just spray it on then leave for 5 min, then I use my garden blower to blow dry the bikes...works a treat still look like new.
  3. Take it through a car wash - never fails.
  4. Only fingerprints so far?

    According to tv, a firehose will wash away most evidence.

    Failing that, you could burn your bike in your garage.
  5. why worry about cleaning it? Wouldn't you be rather riding it? :LOL:

    Lint free cloths and Mr Sheen work well tho...
  6. You can also buy special motor bike paint protector that is designed to really make your bike shine. You can pick it up from any motorbike dealer.

    I personally havn't tried it but i've got mates that use it and it certainly brings out the best in the paint.
  7. We use the Enjo gloves on ours...you can get cheap ones (about $8.00) from the supermarket that work just as well.

    We are on tank water and by using these gloves you only have to wet the glove a couple of times and then chamois the bike dry. The polishing gloves also work brilliantly.
  8. Yeah any of those microfibre cleaning mitts are great, they're also handy to carry on trips for getting bugs off visors and screens.
  9. What about the patch where he is sitting? And the dirt shadow where his legs are?
  10. Yup, another vote for microfibre mitts here. Don't use dishwashing liquid on your bike though, it will cause the aluminium alloy to corrode by penetrating the protective coating and allowing further oxidization.
  11. Muzbot forget the advice given above, none of these guys read your post properly, the dilema you face is your matt finish and the smudges and blotchy appearance it will show up. because a matt finish is not as smooth as a gloss you need to wash and dry as normal but then apply a coat of PLEXUS or WD40, this will fill the rough surface of this type of finish, use only a small amount and make sure you polish away any excess.
  12. I wouldn't forget about the advice given above, also some of us have read the post properly DuHAST, you wouldn't catch me putting PLEXUS or WD40 on the marks left by the stickers. I think the advice wanted was how to get rid of the marks and clean the black surface and Plexus is good after the clean.
    Some of the advice above was how to clean the bike, your advice is only after the clean.
  13. I have used Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil to remove the gum left by stickers in the past.
  14. Ther's also a product found in supermarkets etc. called "gunk-off" or "goof-off" or something (little black metal container?), that is specifically made to remove gum glues without leaving a residue, or damaging paints.
    Can't help you with the fingerprints (leave it alone, FFS or you'll go blind!).
  15. Uh oh.... i've been using that for a while now. Is it really that bad? If so, should I just swap to a cheap car wash and wax from coles or something like that?
  16. Dishwashing liquid is a very powerful detergent, specifically designed to dissolve grease and oil which is not what you need at all. Also, aluminium alloy has a thin layer of oxide on the surface that 'seals' it and slows further corrosion. Dishwashing liquid will remove this natural layer and promote further corrosion. A free tip from this 'old fart' is to buy the cheapest human shampoo you can lay your hands on and use that, (I get mine from the 2 buck shop), then follow up with good quality wax.
  17. Anything alkaline (ie soapy) will attack unprotected aluminium, dishwashing detergent tends to be more alkaline than car wash so the effect is much greater. Cheap car wash is fine for paintwork or painted wheels - best bet is to avoid the supermarket and go to one of the auto places like supercheap. Alloy wheels and the engine are best cleaned using CRC/WD40.
  18. Righto, i'll pick some up tomorrow then. WD40 on the wheels hey.....i've never heard of that. Just use a little amount and then wipe it off right?
  19. Yeah the cheap "export water dispersent" you get from the auto stores (usually only a couple of bucks a can) works great for this - spray it on, wipe with a rag and you're done. Don't worry about trying to get it all off, the oily residue will help protect the metal.
  20. Oh, just don't go spraying it on the brake rotors.