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Cleaning my filthy pipes!!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. the previous owner of my hornet just didn't care for it the way he should have. don't get me wrong, it's tidy, but the pipes are FILTHY!!! they're a hideous browny yucky colour. by comparison, the pipes on my CB250 are sparkly clean!

    any tips on how to restore these pipes to their original shinyness?? I'm not talking about the exhaust (i'll be replacing that) but the pipes coming out the engine.

    what products/methods are safe to use to get that shine back?

  2. It's not such an issue with bad maintenance, Hornet downpipes are renowned for getting grubby and discoloured and being very difficult to clean.

    I had a crack a couple weeks ago after noticing they were looing feral in my wheelie pictures. Here's what I tried:

    1) Heavy duty degreaser and steel wool pads to scrub off a bunch of crap

    2) Brasso-type metal polish to shine them up a bit.

    I spent a good 2 hours fiddling with them, scouring down and trying to find the shine I knew would be in there somewhere, but in the end they still look pretty brown and I'm not sure the effort was worth it.

    Let me know if you discover anything.
  3. Autosol is a great product - may take a few applications for burnt on gunk but gets it all off eventually
  4. Try car wheel cleaner, followed by a bit of Solvol Autosol & elbow grease, works a treat on my Bandit
  5. And I thought it was just because Paul was getting old :p :LOL:
  6. This is only to be done, if you are completely dismantling the exhaust system and taking it off the bike! NOTE if you have carbon fibre mufflers, tape them up for this - duct tape will do. Do not get cleaner onto carbon fibre!!!

    The best way to remove baked on road crud from your pipes is Oven Cleaner. Just spray it on the dissassembled exhaust system, leave for length of time specified. Hose off and then polish, either with Autosol or suitable polish. Or buffing wheel if really enthusiastic. The best Oven Cleaner is Selley's.
    If you think about if, its only baked on crud as per your oven - works an absolute treat.
  7. cool, these are some good suggestions!

    I'll try the autosol first, then if that doesn't work I may have to take the pipes off & use the oven cleaner....though I'm not keen on dismantling the whole exhaust.

    Loz - I know hornets are renowned for being dirty, hence why i've got a belly pan on the way.

    I'm just hoping to get them a bit better than the crap state they're in now!
  8. Hey Tash,

    A mate of mine details busses, he has some funky stuff he refers to as "purple polish" or just "purple". That stuff chromes up pipes better than i have ever seen before...
  9. purple eh?? i'll ask around about that one...

  10. He left me some last time he detailed my bike for me, I'll have to see if I can find it, but since I have moved 2 times since that 6 months ago when he gave it to me, I don't like my chances :p
  11. Seeing as though you are SFing it why don't you take headers and all off and get them electroplates/jet shine/whatever that heat proof chroming stuff is. I think there is a compant called something along the lines of jet shine or something that specialise in this. It looks trick and would make further cleaning abit easier i think.
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  14. that's not a bad idea - i'll ask around about that too.

    meanwhile I'm pretty sure we have some autosol at home so on the weekend I'll get cracking anyway & see how it comes up.

    jet shine....will definitely look in to that, thanks for the tip!
  15. Get some Gumption can be bought from most supermarkets. Just use a rag and polish. It works very well.
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  18. Might be thinking of Jet Hot coatings perhaps? It's a ceramic coating so it'll resist heat oxidation better than just straight chrome electroplating (ie. it won't turn blue/yellow).
  19. the important question is how much is that stuff??