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Cleaning my engine

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by fangsta, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Hi Im new to motorcycles and was wondering what i should use the clean this corrosion.



    Appreciate you help
  2. + a LOT of sweat! :LOL:
  3. Since I'm going through some similar issues restoring my Honda C50 Cub, I think your only permanent cure is to lightly sand back the corrosion, restore the shine in the alloy with progressively finer grades of wet-and-dry sandpaper, culminating in a lot of hard work with some fine-grade wire wool and the Autosol polish shown above. Then, when the whole thing is gleaming again, put on a coat or two of clear lacquer to keep it that way.

    What you're looking at is alloy corrosion working its way through the factory clear-coat. Since its under the clear-coat, you won't get rid of it with just external polishing.

  4. +1

    Yeah the corrosion is under the clear coat. It needs a bit more than Solvol.Personally

    I'd take it to a metal polisher. :cool:
  5. I've bought the Autosol and wet and dry sandpaper.

    I'll post some new pics once I got some of it done (at my rate should be around xmas)

    Thanks for the advice

    "Take it to a metal polisher" -how much do they charge -note it is a virago
  6. Tried the Autosol and wet and dry sandpaper.

    Worked ok on the yahama cover thingy, but I stuffed the cylinder cover (?)

    So i brought some engine spray paint. I think it looks much tidier, some might think it looks a little like plastic.


  7. See if a scourer and wd40 does anything for light corrosion on alloy.

    Could substitute scourer for rag if its very light abrasion.
  8. Aren't the valve covers chromed steel? You didn' t mention them. I would have recommended just the Autosol and a rag for lightly corroded chrome, and follow up with a very light smear of petroleum jelly or sewing machine oil. Sandpaper on chrome is finito for the shiny finish.

    Over-polishing chrome eventually stuffs it, so a careful polish to remove the rust then use the other products to avoid rust returning.

    You've made good progress. The side cover looks good, and the black valve covers are smart.
  9. I did try just the autosol on the valve covers, didn't seem to have any affect on the corrosion. Im very happy with the black look now.

    Next challenge is hand grip replacement.