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cleaning my bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by supagu, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. I have a sports bike (so lots of plastic) and I want to clean it, so far i've only been using water but it doesn't stay clean. Any useful products which will help it stay clean with out ruining my plastic/metal/seats etc....

  2. I use Plexus for all my bikes cleaning, with mr sheen for the wheel rims.
    Awsome stuff, use a micro-fibre cloth and change them over every other panel and you'll never look back!
  3. Yes, once it's really clean the first time, use a good wax polish
    (eg meguiars or 3M) or a silicone spray (like Mr Sheen or Protector)
    and you'll find that dirt/grease and water stick to your bike less,
    and wash off easier.
  4. I use plexus as well, it is the bomb!
    Mr Sheen for wheels, ill give it a go..
  5. Plexus +1
  6. Just don't use silicone if you work in or near a bakery ;).

    Personally I've always liked plain old Turtle wax - a lot cheaper than the likes of the Meguiars stuff but works just as well.
  7. Kitten wax is also pretty cheap, and does the job. Any generic wax does really.
  8. where do you get plexus from,bike shop,repco? is it different to mr sheen??
  9. I bought a can of plexus from Autobarn , think you would find it at boat shops as well.
  10. plexus +100. It's a great product. You can usually get it from bike shops or car parts shops like supercheap/autobarn.
  11. Got some at Bikemart, Repco don't carry it or not last time I was there.
  12. it's pretty similar - i've used mr sheen on my bike as well, and the results aren't too bad.

    Plexus seems to need less work to clean off grime and bugs and also has better anti-static properties. Generally I find when I've cleaned with plexus it gives a better result and lasts longer.

    Just my 2c.
  13. I agree
  14. i dont clean mine, i ride it.
  15. I rode mine in the rain for a few days :LOL:

  16. I used to be like that, and I totally understand. I changed my mind
    lately though, I decided that I enjoyed the ride a bit more when
    I had a clean shiny bike I could be proud of keeping in good shape.
    Also, cleaning is great for inspecting the bike, finding anything you would
    not otherwise notice (like a loose bolt, nail in the tyre, or a jammed stick)
    that might cause bigger problems later.
    And I found when I took the time to do a yearly or twice-yearly big
    quality detail clean (and polish and lube etc) then just a quick hose-down
    will get the bike back to looking new, instead of a full wash. That
    makes it a LOT easier.

    Of course it depends on how much time you have, the quality and
    comfort of your wash facilities (a private driveway and garage is much
    more conducive to washing than an apartment carpark), the
    condition/age/look of your bike, and your personal preference.

    Thanks for the detail links, there's also a great post on FZ1oa that I want
    to find to post here, but can't seem to find it at the moment.
  17. so i can use this on my helmet as well as i find the visor always gets dirty fast just cleaning it with water :(
  18. Yes. I've used Mr Sheen on my helmet and saved the Plexus for the bike. Helmet and visor comes up really good esp. if covered in bugs.