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Cleaning grease etc. off bike with no water?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by V4bloke, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I live in Sth-east Qld where we are under level 5 water restrictions, so hosing/washing motor vehicles is not allowed.

    I know there are spray on, waterless cleaners for your paintwork, but is there anything you can use to clean grease, oil, chain lub etc. from wheels, suspension etc. without having to hose it off?? SOmething you can apply, let it do its job, then wipe/scrub off without leaving damaging residue from the product behind?
  2. Waterless hand cleaner pastes? Ideally one that doesn't contain abrasive.
  3. things to clean grease , wheels

    Mr SHeen

    all good products that clean up fairly easy

    remember if you get yourself a trigger nozzle for the hose you can hose off quick using SFA water , less than a bucketfull
  4. if you want to remove grease & tar, use "Tar & Grease remover"

    Simple really ;)
  5. Is a small household steamcleaner ok to use with these products to help loosen things up, or is it too dangerous with the heat if some are flammable?
  6. You want to use heated water and are scared of it catching fire?
  7. doesn't have to be dry heat to get heat damage. You should be pretty safe with steam cleaning the bike, though.
  8. His post mentioned flammable, I assumed he was worried about it catching fire. Hence my reply ;)
  9. yeah, very fair call. :LOL:
  10. yeah I know its a silly question, but thought I should ask rather than die wondering :oops:

    I meant if you have a flammable cleaner on there and then use steam to help remove it, is there a chance it may ignite.
  11. No
  12. The best stuff is PLEXUS. It is a plastic polish and cleaner. Mostly used for cleaning cockpit windows (aircraft). It is expensive, but wow. Will remove any shitte from your bike and gets rid of small scratches.

    I have used it with a microfibre cloth. Excellent results.

    Even when the cloth is soot black from the wheel rims and chain, you can wipe down the body work with this and not a single scratch! :shock:

    About $20 for a can.

    Mr sheen is outstanding for wheel rims :grin:
  13. Well not unless your cleaning chemical of choice is Sodium, or Potassium, or even a few others, and then yes. It will ignite, and you will explode.

    For wheels, I am a big fan of windex. It seems to do wonders if you spray it on teh greasy road grime tar kinda grot, then wipe it off about 5 mins later.
  14. Thanks guys :)
  15. use grey water from your washing machine. will even come pre-deterginated for your convenience!

    I use some form of degreaser from supercheap in a spray bottle. Can't remember the name, but it's a biodegradable one, which has detergents in it. End result is that it degreases (not the best, but good enough) and has detergents to help carry the grease away. use grey water to rinse/scrub it off.

    I also have a good quality spray bottle filled with clean water for final rinsing. Not exactly legit, but use very little and could always say it is grey water.

  16. Thanks Phil :)