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Cleaning Chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by BRD007, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Is there anything i can use beside dedicated motorbike chain cleaner to clean my chain so I can re oil it.

    Can I use automotive degreaser or wd40 to clean the chain up? Is there anything else i can use to clean up the chain, any recomendations?

  2. I use kerosene, so do a lot of people I think.
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  4. +1 for Kero after i watched the bike detailing videos posted and lots of googling. There's differing opinions but quite a few say WD40 can affect the O-rings in the chain. Kero's cheaper anyway.

    Get a reasonable length container like an ice cream container or similar, put your kero in it, grab a stiff bristled brush and away you go. Just keep reusing the kero in the container while using it to catch drips and gunk. Oh and put down plenty of newspaper as well because it will inevitably drip elsewhere and you don't want your concrete stained!
  5. Thanks for your comments, I think I know what to do know, Much appriciated.

  6. has anyone tried diesel as a chain cleaner? Have heard of mtb riders using it, as it is oily enough that it won't completely strip the chain of lubricants. no idea whether this would also apply to o-ring style chains or not.

    (also not really sure of the relative viscosity / lubricacity of diesel vs kero)
  7. Diesel stinks and takes forever to get off your hands (or anything else). Kero stinks but washes off easy enough.