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cleaning chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by countrycruiser V6, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. G'day all, was told by mechanic to clean my chain with kerosene that you get from auto shop thats non flameable and is used in kero baths etc. i have some blue coloured home kero that says it flameable. am I able to use this instead of buying a new bottle? bike will be cold and i plan on rinsing chain with water, drying and lubing chain afterwards.

  2. I just use regular kerosene (which is probably flammable). You can use either, but if you want to me extra safety conscious then get the non-flammable type.

    As long as you don't smoke or have any sparks near it it should be fine.

    Also remember to use gloves and a breathing mask, kerosene is meant to be fairly carcinogenic.
  3. I cleaned my chain with ordinary household kero last weekend and it did a fantastic job. ...Cleaned it with the toothbrush too :eek: It took me over an hour, but geez it looks good now. Will be doing it on a regular basis so it's not such a big job :?
  4. chai is a type of tea.

    you wash your tea down with kero? :eek: :sick:
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Any ordinary kero works, there all flamable I think as its a petroleum product, use rubber gloves when using it, it drys the shit out of your skin makes em feel like the lizzard man.
  7. I have no idea what type of Kero I have, but it does a great job.

    Stupid me last week sat down and detailed the crap out of the bike, then cleaned the chain and put some chain oil on and it spat everywhere... next time chain oil THEN clean! :roll:
  8. Or use oil that won't flick off. ;)

    Regular kero works for me too. Very easy to clean the chain with it.
  9. Yep, that's exactly what you should be using. :)

    I don't thing there's such a thing as non-flamable kerosene. :) I know you can get inflamable kerosene, but the word 'inflamable' means 'flamable'. :? :grin:
  10. Kero is the shit
  11. thanks everyone! used the kero and a toothbrush. worked great. Rinsed chain with water from a spray bottle afterwards. allowed all to dry then oiled chain. come up like new. thanks again.
  12. Another good tip is that once you have washed the kero off, take the bike for a nice healthy spin. This is the best way to dry the chain as well as heating it up so the lube penetrates more thoroughly.
  13. i have seen odourless kero and mineral terpentine at stores maybe this is what he meant but its quite alot $$ more than stock.
  14. oops.... i rebuilt a carby in my lounge room once, (i live in a flat), i smoked, and drank, and washed the parts in a home made kero bath. i managed to stink out my place and the 2 adjoining flats for about a fortnight.
  15. if you place a cigarette in to a tin of kero out in the open, it will not catch fire.

    its the fumes i tell ya, something like 2-3% kero/air mixture required for ignition. there is varying flashpoint keros, eg we use high flashpoint kero for cutter oil.

    dont try it at home though, there is times when the vapours from the kero will sit above the liquid at the right ratio for ignition......
  16. dame...... and here i was buying chain cleaner for 16 bucks a can, what a waste.....
  17. Can you use turps to clean the chain?
    i dont really know the difference between kero and turps..
  18. Turps will probably eat through the o-rings, but it'll clean it... like water cleans calcium. :LOL:
  19. I use $2 degreaser in a can, which smells like kero, probably is kero. Works well for me. The chain oiler on my bike uses plain motor oil, so I don't need a brush. Not problems and a clean chain. Pressure pack allows you to get into tight spots etc.
  20. I couldn't be bothered leaving the house / spending money when I wanted to clean my chain last time so I just used to some fuel/oil mix for the blower! :LOL: Probably not the best, but it works so beh.