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Cleaning Black Exhausts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. I have one of below exhausts on my bike and around the headers underneath the radiator it is starting to look worse for wear as there is discolouring and corroding taking place which is normal as I see it on all bikes in the same area. Being a black exhaust is it okay to use any anti corrosion product to give it a clean and polish to restore it back to it's original condition. Over to the netrider brains trust...

  2. I have no idea about cleaning them, but I really like the look of those black pipes.
  3. No most rush cleaner is Phosphoric acid. That will strip your paint. You need to pull them, wire brush/sand them back locally, apply the phosphoric acid, rinse and then spray with an exhaust paint (readily available in a spray can).

    "Kill rust" won't stand the heat.
  4. Try using the finest steel wool and liquid lanolin for cleaning. Then try the Armorall range they should have something to bring the colour and shine back into the exhaust. Let us know.
  5. Hehe well you're gonna need to ditch the gs for a cb then :)
    It sounds as well as it looks too.
    The paint stripping was my biggest concern and was the main reason why I thought I'd ask here before doing something wrong.
    I'm a bit newish when it comes to motorcycle maintenance so could you please elaborate on the process and tools required for:
    wire brsh sand them back locally
    applu the phosphoric acid
    rinse and spray with an exhaust paint
    Being a fairly new bike the discolouring that I want to address to isn't a big job and would prefer I did it myself and get more intimate with the bike as opposed to getting it done elsewhere.
    That is very helpful thanks. Would I get the steel wool and liquid lanolin from supermarket, super cheap or hardware store? Noted on Armorall too.
  6. If it's only minor rust then just use a wire brush by hand to remove any loose, flaky paint/rust. Sand wet with wet/dry paper starting with probably a 400 grit and finishing with maybe an 800 or 1000 grit. Apply phosphoric acid (usually sold as "rust converter" and will be in a black, chemical resistant bottle) and let stand for a while. Wash with water then dry thoroughly, either with metho or by running the engine. Then spray with "flame proof" or exhaust header paint, following the directions on the can. Proper paint needs to be heated to cure fully, so wait for a clear day and take the bike for a decent run to get some heat into the pipes.

    Everything you need can be purchased at any auto shop.
  7. OK, so I've just had a post go missing. If it is only discoloration, rather than pitting through to the metal, then I wouldn't use the phosphoric acid etc. Do what vossy suggests and if the paint needs touching up just buy a spray pack. Don't use the armorall if you are going to paint. In fact I wouldn't use the liquid lanolin if I was going to paint.
  8. So this is what the discolouring looks like that I am talking about. It's not much but I am fastidious when it comes to keeping my modes of transport clean and would rather keep it looking black in it's original condition.

    Discolouring close to the exhaust headers
    Discolouring at the bend of the exhaust underneath the engine
    Thanks for the feedback as it is very useful. Yes it is minor, not even rust but discolouring of some areas of the exhaust. Where could the "flame proof" or exhaust header paint from? Is it in a pan or applied with a paint brush?
    Yes as above it is minimal discolouration. I was at a bike shop and the guy there recommended using a plastic dish washing scourer to clean, sand wet with wet/dry sandpaper and then as you suggested spray paint if necessary.

    Now a few questions what is wet/dry sandpaper and also will any auto store stock the heat proof black spray paint required?
  9. Given it's only that minor just a light sand with fine wet/dry paper (sandpaper which can be used wet without the paper going soggy) should be all you need.

    Any auto store should stock heat proof paint, since many car owners also like to paint their exhaust headers. Matching the colour could be tricky though, that looks to be a satin black which isn't easy to get in heat/flame proof (though plain black will still look better than orange). Spraycans are definitely the easiest option.
  10. what he said

    and wet and dry is what the auto spray industry uses for sanding. You use is wet to stop it getting clogged. keep dipping it in a bucket of water. Comes in 80 grit all the way down to 1200 grit. 400 and 800 is what you need.
  11. Appreciate the useful info guys. I'm far from a handyman or have skills with tools but will have a go at this and see what happens.
  12. Bikes getting serviced & a few things done to it. While it's there getting the exhaust taken off and would like to get it re coated in high temperature heat proof smooth matte black paint. Will get a few extra coats over the headers so they last longer.
    Any companies around metro Melbourne people can recommend to do this? Even better any Melbourne netriders with the expertise and tools able to do the job? Can bring exhaust around and will pay for paint and labour costs.
  13. You really could do that yourself. It's only the pipes so it does not have to be perfect.
    Get some 3M 1200 wet and dry. One sheet would do the lot. Don't take your paint off that's already there. Basically you are just cleaning them with the wet and dry. The finish on them looks fine from the pic's. Just keep wetting the paper and give them a good wash with it. You really don't want to go through the paint that is there.
    Then get some Heat proof Manifold matt black from supercheap auto. Don't go heavy with the paint and do it in two coats. Twenty minutes apart or whatever the can says too.
  14. bretto61 after reading your post and a few other threads on the topic of repainting exhausts I'm convinced this is a diy job and will give it a crack with the help of a mate.
    Bought 2 spray cans of VHT (very high temperature) flame proof/heat proof smooth black exhaust/manifold paint.

    I'm thinking while the bikes at the shop getting serviced I'll get the rims taken off and spray paint the chrome/silver to black or red. Only thing means I'll have to sacrifice the red rim tape currently there and reapply a new set after it's painted. Still in 2 minds about the rims but may just spray them with the vht too.
  15. Just on that - Never use steel wool!!
    It leaves fine fibres in the metal which will cause rust.
  16. I think VHT make a rim spray as well. Not sure, just think.
    Use the 3M 1200 to sand/prep the rims or part of the rim you want to paint.
    Then use 3M 1800 to even/smooth out the paint after you spray the rims. Then hit it with some decent polish.
    If you are painting over chrome or polished parts of the rims you will need and etcher/primer.
    Good luck with it mate :)
  17. Thanks again for the useful info. For the time being will concentrate on the exhaust and get that out the way then down the track when I feel like a colour change will go thru what you said for the painting of rims.
  18. Your a dork buddy you clean up when your finished! In the event you use '000' grade its more like dust that will blow away
  19. Mission success, pipe has been restored back to it's original glory!

    My bike is in for a major service so thought what better time then now to achieve the goal of cleaning the exhaust. Thanks to the help of a mate with the aid of 2 cans of vht flame proof manifold/exhaust paint and $40 later we went from this:
    To this:
    We applied numerous coats and nearly went thru the whole 2 cans applying extra coats around the header/bend area. I'm expecting the colour to hold up more than the 30000kms the original went thru, bike is ridden regularly in all conditions so will see how they go.
  20. Yep.. looks the goods!

    Piss off Clown... why the **** would you go through that hassle captain blow off?