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Cleaning bike after rain

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by toisanact, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. I rode my bike to the library cause it was a nice morning in sydney, nice and sunny.

    It started pouring in the afternoon and i'm still stuck at uni cause its still sprinkling, i know shes gonna be all wet... :(

    Can you guys suggest me somethings to do to clean her?> maybe some useful websites or youtube links that are good

    I read online to rinse with a water hose and then "lube" the chain or something, what should i buy? I'll buy it 2nite because I dont any further damage to her. I dont know how to lube the chain.


  2. Can't help you with cleaning cos I don't.

    There are threads on chain lubing in more detail. Did you search?

    But basically 1.Clean road grime off (try kero)
    2. Lube with your choice of lube. There are dozens to choose from, ask at your local bike shop. I use none and use engine oil (which btw is what the manafacturer recommends). Just be careful not to lube your tyres.
  3. lol, dont worry too much about rain. just wash it like a car but avoid getting detergent/lube on the tires. then give it a quick wax and she'll look good as gold :)
  4. bwahahahaa it's a motorbike, not a piece of paper!

    you've never seen bikes in the rain? rain won't damage your bike! just ride safely, be cautious, slow down, keep bike as upright at possible through corners (so lean off your bike a little) and she'll be fine.

    lubricant can be sprayed onto the chain, which should be applied every 200-400 k's (a lot of people just do it every time or every second time they refuel).

    go here:

    it's ALL about cleaning your bike (and includes chain maintenance)
  5. bawhahaha

    whats with the spat of riders lately.... bikes are animals and like all animals they love to play in the wet.

    everywhere i look i see treads about babying bikes you know they get dirty just riding them on a fine sunny day.

    enjoy the machine and once in a while give it a good detail.
  6. Yeah, it's been rained on - it's been washed already.

  7. I was just thinking that...

    Also...if you do plan on cleaning the car, just one pointer...clean/lube the chain first, go for a quick ride around the block, THEN clean the rest of the bike.

    You don't want to clean your bike to perfection, only to have chain oil splatter all over the rear.
  8. Me too, when it rains that IS my bike getting a clean :-k
  9. I love riding in the rain - I've lost count how many time I've ridden in the rain. I just use a soft clean cloth, a bucket of clean fresh water and just wipe it down carefully.

    Then using another clean dry soft cloth I spray it with Meguiars Quick Detailer which really makes it shine. Don't get this stuff on any black plastic though - it's a biatch to get off!!

    Every couple of weeks I use Meguiars Paint Cleaner which is really good for removing road grime and other contaminants.

    As for the chain, nothing a good degreaser and a scrub with a toothbrush, and lube wont fix. Degreaser and lube every month - lube in between if needed - if caught in the rain then I will degrease and lube depending on what the chain looks like and how much crap has got stuck to it (dirt/road grime/etc).
  10. Has anybody got a good way to stop it raining on the bike? I wash it - it rains. I don't wash it - it rains. I ride a little - it rains. I ride a lot - it rains....

    I sent an email to the pope, the times, barack obamah, bill gates ...
  11. How about the weatherman??
  12. garage_frames.

  13. Or the hardcore option...

  14. [-( Just get on it and ride!

    You do get used to it after a while. Just be very conservative with following distances and lean angle.
  15. Cleaning your bike:

    This is the process I usually go through..
    1. Buy chain cleaner and chain lube. I usually use Motul's chain cleaner and lube.
    2. Put bike onto a race stand. If you don't have one, buy one! Makes chain cleaning much easier. If you don't have one and don't wanna get one then just move the bike manually to get around the whole chain.
    3. Take off chain guard.
    4. Spray chain cleaner all around the chain.
    5. Get a chain brush or a tooth brush, spray chain cleaner onto it and clean the inside and outside of the chain. Spin the rear wheel to rotate the chain around.
    5. After you've cleaned the chain, you can wash your bike. So spray the bike with water, wash it like the way you wash a car, with soap and all. Use a chamois to clean off all the water. Wax the bike if you want. Wait a while for the chain to dry (could take hours depending on weather. I usually wash the bike when I have time).
    6. Rotate the wheel while spraying chain lube evenly over the chain and then you can put the chain guard back on. Some lubes need you to take the bike out for a ride to heat the chain but you don't need to with Motul from what I know.

    People might have other ways they do it but this is my non-lazy way of cleaning my bike after it rains. Haha. Hope it helps. Search up on YouTube as well. A lot of people give tutorials on how to do it. Good luck!
  16. well, i do number 4. but that's about it. washing the bike, naaah why, will only rain again. you should lube the chain though more often in winter, after rain. just get one of those spray lube cans and make her spray the side of the chain that contacts the sprockets, whilst you push. should do it immediately after a ride, warm chain.

  17. or, he could read about how to do it in more detail (more informative):
  18. So you are the bastard causing all the rain. Stop cleaning your bloody bike!!!!
  19. I still can't find this chain that you say I have to lube?