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Cleaning/balancing carbies - 93 Honda CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by tailsy, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Hello all, again!

    How is everyone going?

    I am a female who is really bad with motorbikes and I'm scared of stuffing them up by myself! I'm in Melbourne and am just wondering if anyone is able to help and teach me to take out the carbies in my honda cb250rr mc 22 and clean and maybe balance them please?

    I can repay you with some nice spirits, personal training, or some nice home cooked food etc..

    Can someone please help me? :p I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks guys and girls.
  2. So you would like someone to do the job for you and teach you at the same time?

    Cleaning and balancing carbies don't belong to the most basic bike maintenance. This would not be the first thing to learn on one's bike as it's more advanced than simply exchanging your oil and filter. As far as I know there is a special tool needed for balancing the carbs?

    If I were you I would pay a mechanic. After reading your post it doesn't sound like you know what is involved with getting to your carbs, cleaning them, and balancing them. If you are 'really bad with motorbikes' it might not be a good idea to attempt it yourself!

    If you are still keen to learn yourself, I know that @streetmaster has in the past let customers watch and talked them through what he was doing while working on their bikes. He is down in Frankston though.
  3. I know a little bit about them... like how to change the sparkies. Others have told me to do the carbies myself.. but they don't have time to show me.. so I'm hoping someone on here could please? Thanks.
  4. Carbs on the MC22 are not for the uninitiated!!! Not that hard to do, but if you don't have a clue (not you in particular) easy to stuff up as well!!
    Don't forget there's 4 of them!! & all have to be balanced up after a full clean out.
    New gaskets should always be used. No matter what others have told you, these bikes are getting older now & once pulled apart, the 'O' rings rarely seal again!
  5. Well.. I've cleaned them before under supervision with people who have done it before and apparently know what they were doing.. and they are all telling me it isn't hard to do and to have the guts to do it by myself.. but I don't trust myself to do so. I prefer doing it with help so I can learn and eventually do it by myself. Practice makes perfect? :p
  6. Hmm... you go from 'really bad with motorbikes' via 'know how to change sparkplugs' (which isn't hard btw) to 'I've cleaned carbies before'.

    Post your suburb, maybe someone can help watch you do it your second time and help if needed.
  7. Well if you've cleaned them before,, what's the problem?? lol
  8. Because they helped me remove the tank.. and they showed me what to do.. it wasn't the other way around. That was a long time ago. :(

    I am a newbie with bikes.. sparkies as you say is easy... except for #3.

    I am near Chadstone if anyone would be able to help me out please and show me? Thanks. I'd appreciate it.
  9. My rebuild thread on here should show you what the carbies are like pulled apart, cleaning them is the easy part. balancing might not be the easiest if your a newbie, however its doable. Just make sure you count the amount of turns outwards your mixture screws are, so you set them exactly back to what they were. i.e. screw them in and count the exact turns till they are fully in (then you know when putting them back together how many turns out from fully closed you need to turn them back again :)


    Fairly straightforward.. You can always give me a call if you need to whilst your doing it and i can tell you what to watch out for or if you get stuck, just drop me a PM :)

    The other rebuild thread of mine might have some detail on how to balance them... basically connect up your hoses for the manometer to the vacuum ports, put the carbies on, switch the bike on, adjust accordingly, etc.. then pull off to remove and block the vacuum ports again. May need to put an inline adjuster on the hoses if you have them, to stop the manometer needles jumping.

  10. Alternatively, if you give me a week or two, i can do a more detailed set of steps for you with photos, have another cbr250rr here that i'm rebuilding for a track bike, so could pull them off and clean them step by step for you :)
  11. hi all madman 83 did you end up posting what ya said above and do u know how many turns out from all the way in there supposed to be i just bought a mc22 and the carbs need a little knowledge of that .cheers