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Cleaning a bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by noobie_rider, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Another newbie question ..... I don't wanna wet the electronics or damage chain, procket engine ect., but how do i clean the bike (hose it down like a car?). Any links here?

    Thanks guys.

  2. Avoid hosing your bike at all costs. This will pretty much guarantee a non starting bike after you’ve finished due to water in the electrics. Not to mention a fine if you live in QLD :D I’ve got a naked bike so there is less to clean and the electrics are more exposed. I basically get a bucket of hot water (no soap as this damages the metal if not rinsed off) and with a semi wet sponge wipe the bike down.

    Let her dry and then grab a chamois and get rid of all those water marks. Next step is a can of WD40. Spray this on the engine surfaces (only relevant for un-faired bikes), wheels, any chrome and exhaust. Usually every few washes I’ll polish my bike with some turtle wax which makes her really shine!!

    Hope this helps mate.
  3. I always hose mine, and never have a problem. Of course, I don't hold the nossle 2cm from my fuse array.
  4. I hosed mine down didn't have a problem.... but then again, as Mouth said, I didn't hose it hard or anything. Also I let it dry before starting and wipe it with a chamois.
  5. When I ment "hosing it down" I was refering to giving it a good blast with the jet function on the hose. Sorry, should have mentioned it in my post above.
  6. Washing your bike with a hose is fine, grab a bucket and a sponge and a bit of detergent , wash rinse chamois and away you go! Just dont hose up under the seat or near the carby and youll be fine.
  7. i've started taking mine to the local car wash (no NOT the drive through type) brings it up sparkly shinny, just watch out for the slipery tyres after the hotwax.

    and by the way i've ALWAYS pressure washed my dirt bikes, no other way of getting the crap off, tin of ED40, never had a problem with starting.
  8. Good point, woodsy, but then again the electrics on dirt bikes are sort of meant to be getting doused a lot of the time, and are better protected.

    I car wash mine, but I DO avoid high-pressure rinsing, and ALWAYS ride away very carefully (tipped my Honda 750 F1 on its head many years ago.....)
  9. I wash my bike with a pressure washer all the time.
    Never had a problem :wink:
    I even wash the fuse array with the pressure washer,
    that way i know my fuses are clean... :grin: :grin:

    Hakin :wink:
  10. I've never had a problem, most of my bikes have been nakeds and start with minimum fuss after a hose-down - I'm not game to give it a solid blast in all nooks and crannies unless I'm absolutely sure I've cleaned it really well. Bikes tend to keep running even when you're riding along a highway in the pouring rain, so a bit of water here and there should be okay.
  11. Step 1. Get hose, bucket, armorall shampoo, sponge and beer.

    Step 2. Connect hose, fill bucket, put beer in garage fridge.

    Step 3. Hose bike, wash with bucket and soap, rinse off bike with hose.

    Step 4. Quickly dry bike with towel, (word of warning ..don't let wife catch you using the towel she washed that morning and you just nicked out of the dryer)

    Step 5. Put on gear and take bike for a spin dry (normally requires a minimum 30-40k)

    Step 6. Park bike, grab ya cold beer, enjoy..... mission accomplished :wink:
  12. Gidday mate,

    I alway wash the dust off with the hose on low pressure first.
    Bucket full of hot soapy water- mixture of laundry deturgent & dishwashing liquid for me- start at the top & work my way down.
    Hose off, again- very low pressure.
    Dry off with soft clean cloth.
    Whatever you do, don't pressure wash your chain, or spray copious quantities of WD40 or similar over it to clean it- they are sealed with grease for a reason! :grin:
    Just wipe it & reapply chain lube when she's dry.
  13. Dude washing ya bike with laundry detergent & dishwashing
    liquid is not GOOD. :shock:
    That stuff is harsh on your duco, more harm than good..
    Get some car wash with wax in it, if you want to look after
    your paint work.

    Hakin :wink:
  14. Or Enjo if you can afford it.
  15. Is this contrary to what others are saying: To clean the chain properly, use a cloth damped with kerosene....
  16. Yeah, I use a toothbrush and kero on my chain and sprockets and they last forever. But WD-40 and other solvents are definantly a no-no.