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Cleaned up pulling a mono at the lights

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cbr6_rr, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. After seeing a bit of discussion today about L platers and big bikes doing monos at the lights....

    Yesterday afternoon outside my workplace (Burnley St Richmond), a motorcyclist was cleaned up at an execssive speed, on the rear wheel after taking off from the lights on the corner of Bridge Rd.

    I wasn't here at the time, but apparantly he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, was on the back wheel, when a car left our underground carpark doing a right hand turn through a gap in stationary traffic. The bike is most likely a right off, and the rider, although he got up initially, went down again quickly before being taken away in an ambulance. Most serious damage was to the underneath of the bike, and the forks are bent outward from the frame, as a result of the bike 'mounting' the car.

    Very unfortunate - but a lesson to all, there is a time and a place for everything.
  2. I just wish I could do a decent one :(

    Need more power!
  3. Yup a lesson in stupidity !!
    But not unfortunate in my books he was an accident looking for somewhere to happen, No more no less!
    mono's on a busy street in peak hour ?
    sorry but i hope he gets a decient scar to remind him everyday of just how lucky he is
  4. I feel sorry for the rider, but on this occassion far more so for the driver. It's pure madness to be riding fast from that intersection, let alone on one wheel. Definantly a Darwin Award competitor.

    The driver will possibly be in some trouble too for pulling out into oncoming traffic? I hope not, as they certainly don't deserve that too.
  5. Bingo.....this is i think the number one rule in motorcycling. He broke the number one rule and is/will pay the price.
  6. Shorts and a t-shirt. MF&%K that has to hurt
  8. shorts and a T : Maybe he's leaned this lesson as well ........
  9. Having just come off my bike at speed with full leathers, and knowing what scratches, bruises and breaks I ended up... I couldn't help agreeing... but !%@#^% that had to hurt. Shorts and a t-shirt?!

    The rider should have known better. I'm sure he's "leaned" (sic) his lesson well given that some of him has been left behind... ooouuuuccchhh.

    Sincere best wishes to all parties concerned.

    Hopefully this a road craft lesson to the bike newbies and wannabees on the forum.

    Peak hour = peak awareness.

    Stay safe :)
  10. "sorry mate i didn't see you!"

    what do you guys think?
    do you reckon the driver may have any recourse/cause to claim diminished responsibility?

    a few factors making it harder to distinguish the bike/rider;
    - a bike standing-up has a lower visual profile,
    - the head light would not have been visible,
    - and excessive speed to boot.

    would the old,
    "sorry mate i didn't see you!",
    hold some water in these circumstances?
  11. Whats with all this ""he has learnt his lesson "" . U have to be a halfwit to ride without full protection . Doesnt matter how bloody good u r . My pity goes to the car driver .
  12. I agree midnight. Still, I hope the smarter half of this riders wit sees the benefit of protective gear...
  13. well he probly left half an arse cheek on the road so I think its a safe bet he see why we wear leathers now ;)
  14. Knowing that car park (I used to work with cbr6_rr) and how hard it is to get out of, I definately sympathise with the driver in this situation...

    It is so hard to get out of that carpark - the change of the lights is often the only time you get to go and then you generally have to squeeze between banked up traffic going towards kew to turn right, which diminishes visibility. I've waited 5 minutes or more there when the traffic has been really bad.

    I almost hit a bike coming out of there once myself - and he wasn't travelling fast or monoing... he was travelling behind a 4WD in the left wheel track with no one behind for a couple of car lengths, so I saw what looked like a gap in the traffic and started to move.... fortunately for both of us, I had been cautious and was able to stop. I don't think I ever would have forgiven myself if I hit a bike! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I hope the rider is ok :(
  15. wearing only shorts and a t shirt, i highly doubt he has the common sense to realise his mistake. he's probably still cursing the driver of the car.
  16. they're called motorcycles, not unicyles...
  17. Forget the shorts and t-shirt.
    Picture slaming the underside of a bike into a car while vertical, which part of his anatomy do you think recieved the full force of that ? :shock: :shock:
    Now that really has got to hurt.
  18. ooooh. . .

    thats goin to be an awkward cast :LOL: :shock: :LOL:
  19. I hope it hurt, but not really. The fact he was doing a moon launch at the time he also would've had limited visibility due to the bike being in his forward field of vision so as most have said he deserved what he got.
  20. whoops :shock: but i guess thats what you get for being a tosser :LOL:

    i'm all for wheelies, i love them. i dont have a problem with a wheelie in a wee bit of traffic so long as the rider knows what they're doing (ie. johnnyO's controversial wheel up) but squids in peak hour traffic that close to the city? goddamn, i dont think this blokes smart enuff to get himself a darwin :shock:

    spose i shouldn't jump the gun, there might have been legit reasons for it all or the story might be a bit exaggerated, but as it stands at the moment, he deserved it :evil: