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Cleaned Up - *nearly*

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by althasaur, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. I was riding to work this morning, about 2 seconds behind, and in a different lane to a flat top truck with the fence on the side.

    Going through an intersection, bit bumpy, heard a noise from the truck and one of the gates from the side starts bouncing on the road towards me.....

    Quick squeeze of the throttle to get ahead of the fence, no way I could stop in time and got past it..

    Managed to get in front of the truck and told him to pull over so I could tell him where his gate was..

    Got back on and road the rest of the way to work...

    Funny thing is in New South Wales, they are supposed to be clamping down on Load Restraint, what about Restraining anything that is loose on the vehicle?
  2. That would make way too much sense!

    Glad you're ok.
  3. Yeah thats a load of crap. Glad you handled yourself and got out of it.
    I know in QLD they are cracking down on load restraints, our company got fined a month ago, because one of our employee's was too lazy to put a strap over the load.
  4. My o'shiite experience was back in the UK, where a car+trailer infront of me had the furniture from thier move unsecured.
    I had to dodge two sofas and a settie as they bounced across the road, and one actually tumbled over my sholder! :shock:
    It was like a fugging video game where you had to dodge the obstacles. Would have been funny if it wasn't so serious!
  5. last year i took a trip to Melb for a week.
    Anyways while we were driving along i saw a taxi sitting in the middle of the road with a folded over mattress wedged under it. :LOL:
    About 100m up the road on the bridge there was a car with a trailer full of mattresses and there was one missing :LOL:
  6. last week i was following a ute and their wheelbarrow fell off, mind you i was in the car, but it's so easy to happen
  7. I dodged a single seater sofa on the mooney mooney bridge. fark that is a dangerous stretch of road. If it's not gale force winds or semi trailers doing 300km/hr its errant sofas flying at you from unsecured loads.

    Was stoked when the driver gave me the finger as I tried to tell him he had nearly cleaned me up with his sofa. wank3r.
  8. I had to dodge the tail gate of a trailer that fell off once, luckily the guy was paying some attention and stopped to retrieve it from the middle of the road
  9. ginji was that you on a segway on sunday at the motorbike show?