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Cleaned my bike, just in time...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. After the GOR ride yesterday in some rain at times, had the arvo free so gave it a wash and checked tyres like I always do.

    Yep, a 1 cm piece of nail in the rear tyre. When first noticed, I thought watch the air come out when I remove it. But luckily, it was embedded on an angle and didn't puncture.

    Lesson here is, make sure you check your tyres often as if left there, I'm sure it would have eventually gone through....
    Pucture repair kit always a good idea to take on a ride too....

    Then rewarded myself for finding it by a quick loop to Yarra Glen - St Andrews - Kangaroo Ground.....:D
    No over sized rodents to be seen.
  2. I'm always in two minds when I see metal in my tires...pull it out and let the air escape, or leave it and then worry that it will work it's way deeper letting the air out while I'm on the move.
    I tend to leave it in there and have a mechanic pull it for me. I do carry a can of Motul tyre inflater stuff on longer trips though.
    The bike I'm riding has insurance on it's rubber...not a bad idea.
  3. wots that cost ya a month?
  4. only a few bucks,I have heard that some riders get punctures just before it would be time to replace the tyre...co-incidence?