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Clean screen

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by capri727, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Can anyone please advise me on the best method of cleaning the screen on my bike? Whatever I do seems to leave it looking smudgy. (I can't ride it yet, but I want to at least make it look pretty :) )

  2. Plexus is THE sh1t!!!
  3. Windex hasn't done me any favours so far. Thought all those clever guys and gals out there would have a miracle cure :?
  5. Those squeegee things at servos work pretty well.
  6. i have the perfect answer but its a pps file and i dont know how to post it :cry: :oops:
  7. WARNING: This is not work safe

    this will clean your screen :LOL:

  8. HAHA!! I've seen that before it's a classic. GO THE BOOB SCREEN CLEANER!!!!!!!!

    *sigh* The are one FINE ARSE pair of titties. they don't come much nicer.
  9. Hi all, turned up for my first Friday coffee meet last night and am pretty impressed! The venue is supurb and the friendliness of the group made my mate T2 (Trumpy ST) and I feel very welcome (I'm the lanky one). Spoke to Flipper, grobert03, Aprilagirl, and a heap of others who I can't put names to. You've won me folks! I'll be back.
  10. arent you supposed to be down at the bakery , i rang midnight and woke him up and told him to go down :LOL:
  11. allso good for the computer screen :LOL:
  12. personally I "borrow" computer screen cleaner from work :wink:

    Generiic stuff from officeworks etc, water based and comes in a pump bottle and is safe on all plastics, so I use it on the visor to get rid of bugs, no streaks, no cloudiness.

    Mrs Iffracem swears by 50/50 metho and water, and after a couple of glasses (jokes :p ) she uses it on the windows with old news print, bloody good too, but I'm not sure about metho and helmets liking each other tho.

  13. Thanks groberts! Being female i'm supposed to be unimpressed i'm sure, but that is sooo funny... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. not trying to offend , just laugh. :D
    if i could find a male one for you i would have put it up too :wink: :D
  15. Mr sheen gets my vote
  16. I'll definitely be keeing my eye out for the male version!! :wink:
  17. I dont get this using furniture polish business,when they are specific automotive products made for this.

    Plexus is gold!
  18. I have a cleaner that is used for cleaning lens' of glasses. It's great for sunnies, glasses, visors and screens. Aerosol spray that's an air pump, no no nasty hydrocarbons to affect the plastics involved.