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claustrophobic in helmet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattyB, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Usually, after not riding for atleast a couple of hours, (worse first thing in the morning) I gear up and put my helmet on and instantly I get tight chested.

    I wouldn't say hard to breathe, but I tend to take a few deep breaths to try and relieve the uncomfortable feeling.

    And as soon as I start riding, I'm fine, I don't get it at the lights when I'm stopped or whatever, only just after i've lidded up.

    Anyone else get this?

    Do you think it's claustrophobia, or maybe I just get a bit anxious before a ride?

    Just curious is all.
  2. It's just a little anxiety attack.

    You're probably mildly traumatised from when your exGF used to put a paper-bag over your head :p
  3. Do you ever get claustrophobic in any other circumstances? ie in elevators, if you were to walk into a wardrobe or other small space and close the door or just with the helmet?

    I'm a newbie rider and find I'm still getting used to the feel and weight of wearing a helmet - tend to put it on and move it around (as much as I can, since it does 'fit'!) a little until I feel comfy with it, but that's it.
  4. At a guess I would say it's a small dose of anxiety before the ride, like a bit of an adrenalin rush. If it was claustrophobia you would want to take the helmet off almost immediately through fear/thought of suffocation as well as have quick shallow breathing amongst a hundred other reactions. As you said, once you're riding you're fine so dont give it any more thought, you're just excited ! :)
  5. I get something similar, I just put the lid on with the visor open so its fresh air I'm breathing... :)
  6. Naw, your mother wanted to switch roles for a change, I felt obligated. :p
  7. I get the same thing sometimes before I leave work after reading about people binning it and watching stunt vids gone wrong on youtube - and thats well before I throw the lid on.

    As soon as I sit on the bike, it's all forgotten - guess it is a little anxiety.
  8. I got an Arai XD cause I wanted a bit of breathing space (I had the same reaction as you putting on normal helmets) but now that I've I hit the road with it on, I've decided I'd prefer something snugger ... my head moved around in the XD and the impact was a bit of a bellringer.
  9. Anxiety would be my guess.

    I get the same sort of feeling sometimes. I beleive in my case its because i fear not returning home, however once on the bike im fine.

    I guess it is probably the same feeling anyone who partakes in dangerous activities on a regular basis gets just before getting on with it.

    Seems like a lot of us here have the same reactions and your not alone.
    Makes sense to be a little anxious when you know your taking a risk, strapping on the lid is the point of no return.

    Could be one of those "lose the feeling and you'll lose the caution" things.
  10. I get that same feeling too... i put it down to being a newbie on a bike though!! I've found opening my visor (or just having a clear visor on) helps it alot
  11. I sometimes get like this too. I put it down to mild anxiety. I find it worse in the heat though.
  12. Matty
    my memory is a tad vague

    but havent /didnt You personally visit
    a Lot of the injured riders last year ?

    this could have a psychological effect on you

    cut yourself some slack darl

    open the visor
    breath and relax
    breath and relax

    If it seems the problem is getting worse
    find a doc that rides and talk to him/her
  13. 4pharksake Matt, this is the last time I'm going to tell you .. the helmet goes on with the visor to the front .. :LOL:
  14. was that why it was so dark :\

    I thought the rear vents were eye holes!

    Cheers everyone, suppose it could be anxiety.

    Never fear, it's never hefty enough to prevent me from riding :D