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classic & vintage bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MZ, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. I have owned one myself a 1928 101 Indian scout but had to sell it to finance my house and to this day still regret selling the old girl . Now I am looking to get another vintage bike and thought I would ask who else here owns one or would like to own one

  2. I have a 1948 CZ 125T, its a simple peice of machinery. Awesome fun though.
  3. Are they related to MZ ?
    As I also have a 86 MZ etz 250
  4. Dad has a 63 IZH Jupiter. I know it doesn't count because it's not mine, but I'm the only one who's ridden it lately. :)
  5. Would make an interesting poll - I've got an '82 Triumph Bonneville, most forum posters seem to have more modern machinery :)
  6. 1977 Kawasaki KH175
    1985 Honda CBX250 :D
  7. '63 BSA C-15 here ....

    One of these days, i may actually get to ride it !, in fact, i've just recently become interested in it again, started buying bits from the UK for it ...

    I'll probably ride it once or twice, the sell if for something else !
    For me the fun is the building of a classic....

    My next will either be an early BMW, or maybe a Sunbeam.... but if an A65 crossed my path . . . . . .

  8. The All-Brit Rally is on this weekend here in Vic - wish I was there - there'd be heaps of classic bikes!
  9. I had a 72 Bonnie, but had to sell it,

    I put a bid on an old 63 Vespa the other day for Mr's me to cruise around on
    and looking for some sort of project bike for myself, not sure if i'll go classic/vintage or
    do what I've always had a pinning for , make a chopper, probably based on a trumpy or yamy 650 twin, just to finally say I've don it

  10. Went the year before last was great , good band, good bikes and great people, from all over the east coast mainly, camped next to 3 old guys from Northern NSW all on old Beeza's they'd ridden down.

    Was nice to see all the harleys and Jap bikes parked outside the rally fence

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. Can somebody tell me where the All-Brit Rally being held, I have a picture on the wall of my father on his 1938 P&M Panther 600cc Sloper and I would dearly love to see one up close and personal.
  12. Dad has a 1954 BMW R25 and a 1953 Maicoletta 250
  13. I went for the day last year in the cage (was in the area for other reasons), meant to go there this year but had other shite on :evil: It's held at the old Newstead Racecourse on the way to Castlemaine. The site is about an hour and a half from Melbourne via the freeways and highways. A little longer on the B roads. Or visit http://www.bsa.asn.au/html/events/abr/maps.html for the maps. If you're gonna go tmw get there before lunch time - most people wouldv'e trundled off by then.

    Alternatively the Triumph Owners MCC's annual Link Run to Bayles is on on Sun 7th May. Another good time to see neat classic/vintage bikes!
  14. thanks for the heads up ezyrider...... Newstead sounds like a pleasant run,
  15. Burt Munro had a 1920 scout. Bet you his was faster tho :)
  16. Alot faster I would say :LOL:
  17. I ride a 77 Z650 daily. Not as old as some mentioned, but sure feels old on a cold morning! LOL! Seriously, I love it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. They're quite capable bikes, those mid-size Zeds. Have quite a nice turn of speed and seem to have a 'strong' feel to 'em. My Trumpy's quite a grump on colder morns as well.