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Classic pics?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 15, 2006.

  1. Of the making of books, the writer of the Proverbs said, there is no end
    Since the invention of the camera the same could be said of the taking of photos

    What's your ONE favourite motorcycle racing picture?

    This is mine, Mike Hailwood on the awesome 1967 six cylinder Honda.


    When Mike the Bike came out to Australia to race in the Castrol Six-Hour race, he gave a poster-sized copy of this pic to the folks he stayed with. Naturally, they asked him to autograph it, with which he grabbed a texta, drew a large arrow across the picture, finishing at his backside, and wrote below it "Not a pretty sight".

    From a technical point of view, just imagine the courage and skill necessary to crank a bike over that far on tyres that narrow, wonderful....

  2. Where exactly is the grip coming from???? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  3. Check the lack of leather where his boot toe caps used to be!

    He must have had asbestos toes :LOL:
  4. Great shot - thanks for sharing it Paul!
  5. Love those exhausts! Those tyres look like the ones I had on the Z when I got it, ie bicycle tyres!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Thanks for that :grin:
  7. [img:700:452:39686c1aa7]http://www.cvmg.ca/photos/photopage/Agostini_and_Hailwood_1967.jpg[/img:39686c1aa7]

    this is a fantastic read......
  8. Favourite "classic" bike pic for me would have to be the one of Rollie Free finally breaking the 150mph record on a Vincent Black Shadow.
  9. I am astounded at the primitive looking helmet that Mike is wearing in 1967.

    When I bought my first bike in 1975 ish I got a full - face helmet AND my bike (RD350) had a disc brake on the front AND the Dunlop K100 tyres had a triangular profile very similar to today's tyres AND those major improvements were over a period of only 8 years. :shock:
  10. That shot is from Claremont~Ferrand, a French circuit that ran International meetings.

    The corner is heavily cambered and the actual lean angle is not as much as the pic looks. The suspension is almost fully compressed.

    That 6 cylinder sounded incredible. I recall he beat Bill Ivy who had to pit stop for a plug change on his V4 Yamaha.

    Michelin still use the circuit to test tyres.
  11. Hailwood

    When I was a LOT younger, I watched Hailwood and Ago follow one another like that at tracks all over Europe, though more often than not it was Hailwood in front. Back then, those helmets were all we knew, no knee sliders and as someone else has already said, it's almost a miracle how they stayed up on those tyres. It is Clermont and from memory, I think Hailwood won.
  12. I remember hearing an LP record (young'ns, get your folks to explain) of the 60's Hondas at the Isle of Man. The six sounded amazing, and the five cylinder 125 sounded, as an old mate of mine used to say "like 27 mossies under an eggcup". Hardly surprising, it revved to over 22,000 rpm. The interviewer asked Mike: "How many gears does it have?", to which Mike replied: "I've found seven so far..."

    Our current riders are a breed apart, there's no doubt of that, but I reckon that Honda would scare them to death if they had to ride it at the speeds Mike did......
  13. Right on

    Hey Hornet, you're spot on. The 125 revved like you wouldn't believe and had I think a 12 speed box. Went like a scalded cat coming down the mountain but going up hill out of Ramsey, you could almost walk alongside it. I've got one of those LPs too... commentary by a very young Murray Walker but mine is mainly of sidecar outfits.
  14. I have heard some of those LP's. Sound Stories, I think they were called. Some of the recordings of the Hondas were so loud, that they would disrupt the diaphragm in the microphone and sound distorted. That was in the days of pudding basins and no such things as earplugs.

    My brother and I would hear one of them warming up in the paddock and say "That's the 5 cylinder 125 or that's the 350" and sprint over and watch the mechanics warm them up. We had to cover our ears with our hands, they were so loud, but the sound was absolute magic.

    I was at Eastern Creek a couple of years ago when George Beale brought the 6 cylinder replica over for Jim Redman to ride. When it started, the tingles ran through my entire body and the memories came flooding back. Even though it was not running cleanly, and Jim did not manage a full lap, the sound was magnificent.

    Aah, those were the days.
  15. Not trying to be a smart_arse but isnt that photo taken at the Karuusel at The Nurburgring ?

    Last friday night I listened live to the Senior TT on the internet, following on from the race they had coverage of the classic lap with Ago on the 67 MV500 3 and Tommy Rob on the Honda 125 5cyl sounded incredible going round Ramsey hairpin and up to the Waterworks
  16. Here is a slightly less cropped version of the same pic:-


    The corners are similarly cambered, though I recall that the Nurnburgring, Karussell is concrete.


    I remember the photo when it came out, we used to collect them as kids. We used to play with Tommy Robbs daughter, about the same age as me, at the time.

    There was a group of us, Ginger Molloys kids, Kel Carruthers kids, Ron Blanchards son, a Swiss guy, Guila (sp) Marsovskys son. We were the "Terrors of the Pits".
  17. I don't think that corner is the Karousel either, in those days it certainly was concrete.....
  18. Aha yes the Karusell is a light coloured concrete isnt it - sorry to doubt you guys.

    Fantastic picture isnt it

    I was lucky enough to witness the great mans return to racing at the IOM in 78 I was sitting on the wall at the Ballacrane Hotel, pint in hand cheering on Mike on the Sports Motorcycles Ducati, one of my great memories.

    Stratmoto what were you doing growing up in th epits in the 60's must have been a great childhood

  19. Dad raced on the Continent in the '60s. They were fantastic times and left indellible memories.

    My uncle even had a couple of rides with Hans-Georg Auerbacher as passenger :shock:

    All summer, we basically lived in a 14' Sprite Muskateer, pulled behind a Thames van, with a 500 Manx, Bultacos, even a 250 Kawasaki like Dave Simmonds had in the back.

    Dads last race over there was the '69 Belgian GP at Spa-Francochamps. He finished 5th Behind Kel on the Benelli, Santigo Herrero (RIP) on the Ossa, Rod Gould on his TD2, a French chap, whose name escapes me, then Dad on his TD2.

    Dad worked for the Montesa Importer during the winter .

    No school all summer,...actually, one of Kel's friends from Australia spent some time over there. He was a schoolteacher and we spent some time learning. If we heard a Honda start, we were gone though. :grin:

    The amazing thing, when my eldest kids started school here in Sydney.... who do you think the Headmaster was?.....you guessed it, the very same. They couldn't believe that I knew him and that he is good friends with their grandfather.

    Small world eh?

    Actually it's a break between sessions at Catalunya now, I'm still addicted and watching the Live Video.