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Classic or Custom?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Griffo79, May 6, 2012.

  1. G'day all, I'm another noob, lol (silly word).

    Anyway I've got my L's and am just about to buy a Yamaha XVS 650. I'm leaning towards the Classic but I also like the Custom. Does anyone know what the difference is? if there is any? whats the most popular as a bike buyer? If I get a classic is that an older blokes bike? and the custom younger riders? Is it a technical thing or just design difference? What's better for resale?

    Thanks, just trying to find where I fit in as a rider "noob".
  2. Hi and welcome.
    XVS custom/classic is purely cosmetic and I am pretty sure the customs seat is lower than the classics.

    As for the "is the classic an older blokes bike?" ,
    well, not necessarily, you pick the bike that you like, the bike that suits your riding style, and the bike you want.
    Dont let anyone try to influence decision, you have to live with the bike daily, so you need to be happy with it.
  3. I think the two have different size wheels.. don't quote me on that. The rest seems only cosmetic. Not sure on seat height if different.

    I'm an old bloke and went for the Classic.. coz I love the 40's style. The Custom may be more comfortable with it's different seat and pegs instead of boards. The rear guard (yay I didn't say "Fender" so the brainwashing hasn't got to me) looks a lot nicer with tailights and indicators being neater than the Classic.

    You choice mate.

    And welcome.
  4. It's all about what you like mate.

    Classic has larger front and rear fenders (they close over the wheel more) and has a higher ride height.

    Custom is what id call a more modern look. It's the one I went with.
  5. Im 25 and got a black custom as my first bike... love it!
  6. Thanks everyone! Appreciate it.

    I'm gonna go with the Classic, I really love the Brando and classic 1920's, 1930's 1940's and 1950's look and the eras. I'm 33.
  7. Looking forward to seeing your pics.
  8. custom has the bigger front wheel.
    so, looks more like a real hardley, but can't go around corners as well as the classic.
    (which also dose'nt go around corners)
  9. Good stuff!

    Be sure to post pics when you get it.
  10. I umm'd and ahh'd between the two and then decided on the classic too, for the look. I'm very happy. I'm 44 and don't feel too old....

    You do get the occasional scrape, or a bit of a rub on the side of your boot on the odd corner but hey, it's a cruiser.
  11. Yep, I only scraped my right side footboard so far on roundabouts.. I figure it means I am using all the tyre on that side at least :cool:
  12. Same here - Bought a Custom last year after a lot delibration. I would've gone for the Classic if it was available in Black but it wasn't so ..Custom it was.

    It was a tough choice but after tearing my hair out (I'm a Libra and decision making is a bit hard for me :p Scales...) the colour choice won.

    Also the Classic is little bit heavier, I think and comes with an Engine immobilizer. I think.

    The 2012 Classic is coming in Black, I think. But all in all - great first choice for a bike. (y)

    Here it is - almost an year ago (Much dirtrier now)

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