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Classic Netrider trolls/banned users

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hope i'm not pushing into taboo territory but I occasionally come across posts here which have lengthy flames/arguments etc often feature a banned user or what not. Hoping that there is not a secret denial of such happenings, who are the classic netrider trolls/shit stirrers who have gotten banned for stupid/other reasons?

    Just a bit curious. Here is some stimulus material that may help:

  2. nice collection you got there
  3. you just wanted to show of your collection, didn't you :LOL:???
  4. no big deal. i get banned all the time.
    no idea why i'm banned now actually.
    obviously i can't get into my account to find out.
    that's me on the top left corner of the far right shelf, with the purple hair.

    i think camel salesman was the best of the best though, hilarious guy
  5. this thread reminds me of 'Public Shaming'
    sometimes used as punitive action associated with an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order).

    there are so many names that we could put in the stocks/pillory,
    but that would just give them the notoriety they crave.
  6. Being banned from Notrider is like making 2 on debut for Australia,,easy to do .
  7. I wish I was cool enough to be a troll.
  8. Camel Salesman was well funny.
  9. Dstump was better.
  10. Yea but CS meant to be funny not just mixing meds.
  11. Propilot, but I think he actually believed what he was talking about...

    It's just a shame that they finally got him....
  12. I think it's doing propilot a great disservice discussing him in a thread about trolls; I'm sure he did believen what he posted, otherwise he wouldn't have wasted the (considerable) effort he did posting in the first place

    one can only hope that he's still out there riding somewhere, probably with a tinfoil liner for his helmet...
  13. Boyracer has his moments.
  14. unfortunately his hours, minutes and days are not on that level
  15. Dstump came across as a self absorbed narcissist but understandable at times considering what she'd been through..
    Propilot was no troll and he made things interesting for all here one of my favourite posters for his way off posts.
  16. dstump wasn't a troll either, she believed everything she said, and didn't care whether people reacted or not

    like smee said, she has endured some awful things in her life and these things coloured her judgment and her opinions, but Netrider 'adopted' her and for quite a while we helped to make her life a lot more fun.....
  17. this thread is uselesss withought links
  18. There is a link up top called search, in there you click advanced then add the author and then you can go to town.
  19. that would be the easy way:p but i want to read some epic threads rather then spend half my time searching not knowing what im looking for. when others remember certain funny/interesting incidents
  20. Don't be lazy. Knock yourself out.