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Classic Japanese Collection For Sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by japcrazy, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. #1 japcrazy, Feb 1, 2013
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    It is time for my family collection of Japanese classics to go, I can upload loads of photos etc, all bike re running, and most are in amazing conditon, with a couple almost showroom level.

    We would really like these to goto good homes and hate to see them cut up into rat bikes or similar;

    Bike Make Model Year Mileage Price
    GPZ1000 Kawasaki GPZ1000RX 12/87 12766 $5000.00
    GPZ750 Kawasaki GPZ750 11/87 73879 $2000.00 ZX750A
    GS1000 Suzuki GS1000 2/78 6283 $10000.00 Almost showroom, all original condition
    GT250 Suzuki GT250 8/72 197 $8000.00 GT250K Almost showroom, all original condition, under 200 miles from new.
    T500 Suzuki T500 69 28709 $5000.00 T500 III Titan
    GSXR750 Suzuki GSX-R750 12/87 23664 $8000.00
    GSX1100 Suzuki GSX1100 3/81 64396 $7000.00 GSX100EX All original, great condition
    SB6 Bimota SB6 04/96 16246 $12000.00
    GP125 Suzuki GP125 9/80 22440 $1000.00
    Z1300 Kawasaki Z13 1/88 21304 $10000.00 G1300A Featured at http://pipemasters.net/z1300-motorcycle-exhausts.html
    GT750 Suzuki GT750 73 53520 $9000.00 GT750L All original, great condition
    GSXR750 Race Suzuki GSX-R750 6/85 $7000.00
    YZF01 Yamaha FZR-750R 1/90 6451 $15000.00 OW01

    If you have any questions on any of the bikes please contact me, I will upload photos over the weekend once they have had a dust off and I can take some nice photos.

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  2. What a collection...how long did that take to acquire?

    Good luck with the sale mate.
  3. About 10 years, some have gone and been replaced in that time, all run, most really well, the only one not in good condition is the GP125 I hadn't started cleaning up from when purchased.
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    DSC_5808 (Large).JPG DSC_5820 (Large).JPG DSC_5816 (Large).JPG DSC_5822 (Large).JPG DSC_5811 (Large).JPG
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    DSC_5833 (Large).JPG DSC_5837 (Large).JPG DSC_5838 (Large).JPG DSC_5841 (Large).JPG DSC_5853 (Large).JPG
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    FZR-750R OW01
    DSC_5860 (Large).JPG DSC_5862 (Large).JPG DSC_5866 (Large).JPG DSC_5867 (Large).JPG DSC_5868 (Large).JPG
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    GSX-R750 Road
    DSC_5791 (Large).JPG DSC_5796 (Large).JPG DSC_5798 (Large).JPG DSC_5799 (Large).JPG DSC_5800 (Large).JPG
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    Bimota SB6
    GSX-R750 Race (Road registrable)
  9. You just made my hubby get a tear in his eye.......I wish I had the money to buy all your Suzuki's he grew up riding and owned and restore every single Suzuki you have in your collection.
    Hubby and I really really hope just as much as you they get extremely good homes.
    Love the collection.
  10. Thanks. Hopefully they make it too a good home :)
  11. Will upload the others tomorrow night, took a couple of the bikes to the swap meet at Haigslea today and it ended up taking longer than planned

    DSC_5772 (Large).JPG DSC_5776 (Large).JPG DSC_5778 (Large).JPG DSC_5781 (Large).JPG DSC_5785 (Large).JPG
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  12. Z1300 / Z13
    DSC_5951 (Large).JPG DSC_5954 (Large).JPG DSC_5956 (Large).JPG DSC_5958 (Large).JPG DSC_5960 (Large).JPG
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  13. T500
    DSC_5893 (Large).JPG DSC_5897 (Large).JPG DSC_5898 (Large).JPG DSC_5899 (Large).JPG DSC_5901 (Large).JPG
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  14. That 500 and 750 look mint! Good luck with your sales! :D
  15. What a collection. They all look nice.
  16. Wow, that gt750 is a stunner.
  17. Perhaps get in touch with the motorcycle museum in Nabiac?
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