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Classic Honda small bike project restoration/customisation

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by TranZfusion, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Hiya,
    First post here, and I'm new to playing with bikes and just sold my project bike over here in Cambodia. (Honda CD custom)

    Been here for 5 years and am heading back to oz in a couple of months. I and thinking of bringing back an old Honda CD50 frame (late 60s) and various bits I know are Impossible to get in oz. As luggage :)

    I'm thinking of buying a postie bike to be the donor. Ie for rims, forks, and engine etc. Bring back an old fuel tank and seat and I'll pretty much have a sweet Custom CD.

    Only problem I just thought off is registration. Anyone done something similar. Eg custom bike based on an old production bike? I'm guessing I'd need an engineering certificate and rwc at least. But as these bike was never released in oz will I encounter issues.

    Hoping someone has done something similar.

    Otherwise I could import a complete bike from here, but that would be much less fun
  2. The requirements are slightly different in each state so first off where are you going to be resident?
  3. Youll need import approval otherwose they wont recognise the ViN.

    You also need to be careful of quarantine rules
  4. Thanks boys.

    I'm moving to Brisbane. Is it best to get import approval even if i'm just bringing back the frame to have the VIN registered?
    and quarantine wise - make sure it's free of dirt etc?
  5. If you are just bringing the frame as parts you should not need an import certificate, they are considered parts not a complete vehicle. A customs declaration as to its value is probably all that is required. Your shipping agent should be able to advise.

    Cleanliness of the parts is important, dirt etc that may contain seeds or agricultural diseases are treated fairly seriously so scrub anything like that off first.
  6. Cheers for that - yeah the frame is nice and clean already but will give it a nice clean before i leave - I may even respray it here before bringing it back as it will be loads cheaper to do it over here, ohh and its coming back in a duffle bag checked in :)
  7. What about the registration side of things - anyone had experience in registering a bike that didn't have a compliance plate attached? Were these attached after a certain year (so if i had a 1967 frame - there will be less of an issue?)
    Would i have to register it as a custom vehicle instead?
  8. I think you will need to register it as a custom, if you are restoring to original with the same engine etc it will probably be easier than a mix of components. Different States have different requirements, in QLD if you bring it back to original it will be over 30 years old and so eligible for Special Vehicle Registration but not if you are using it for day to day riding. QLD has much stricter Classic vehicle registration requirements that NSW & Vic.

    If you are putting a different motor etc then you need to look at the QLD guidelines

    Vehicle modifications (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

    Registering a vehicle Guidelines are here:

    Register a vehicle or boat | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government