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Classic/Great Games

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. I know there are heaps, like Mario Bros, Sonic, Zelda and so on. But what are some awesome/classic games that you don't hear about all the time.

    One that instantly pops into my head is Earthworm Jim on SNES, that was one kickarse game.

    Another one that got many hours of gameplay out of it was Cannon Fodder on the PC.

    But, one of the best was Green Beret on Commodore 64, it was that good that after it crashed after 45 minutes of loading we wouldn't argue, we would just pop it back in and wait in anticipation. :LOL:

    So...List some of your favourites.
  2. stuck in the mud and catch and kiss were good ones.
  3. "Who Dares, Wins" and "Z by Rhino" on the C64 were winners. Also "Loderunner" on the PC.
  4. I used to spend most of my Saturday arvo's in the city as a teeneger, many hours and two bob bits were wasted on a game called Pheonix. It was in a pinny parlour in Swanston st called 10/4 right next to Macca's. If I could have all that time back again, I'd still be 21.
  5. oh... and how can I forget all the hot summer evenings at the local pool playing Moon Patrol.
  6. 1942 that Game owes me a hell of a lot of 2 bob coins.
  7. Killer Instinct - SNES
  8. I got good enough at Gallaga that a 20 would keep me busy all through lunch and half of the lecture after lunch (oops)...
  9. None of you have probably heard of it but I wiled away many hours playing a game called "Volcano Hunter" on an old TRS-80 Tandy, with a 48kb expansion interface, and a dual floppy drive addition :LOL:.

  10. I have Galaga, every now and then I drag out the super nintendo and have a play, I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be.
  11. Bubble Bobble, Wizard of War, International Karate +, Way of the Exploding Fist, Wizball, Turrican, Airborne Ranger.
    Load "*" ,8,1
  12. damn you hornet I so wanted the upgrades for the TRS-80(colour computer), Haywire and Frogger rocked on that. I can remember spending whole days inputting code(from the books that you bought if you couldn't find a tape) and saving it to tape. I still have mine, its in a box at the folks place(And last time i turned it on, it loaded up frogger and scramble without a problem).

    5 X = 0
    10 cls
    20 write "Loading..."
    30 wait 5
    40 X = X+1
    50 IF X <100 goto 10
  13. weeelll... the guy who wrote Volcano Hunter DID a port of it to PC, and I have it. The only problem is that the oldest an slowest of my computers still run it so quickly that it's unplayable, and I haven't managed to find an emulator that will slow it down so I can play it.

    (I do know that one day I found over 100 'new' screens in it, and set a score of around 1.8 millions, which blew the internal score board to bits :LOL:.)
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    I think there is some way to slow down cpu cycles in dosbox, never had a game where I needed it though. Not as old as some of the games discussed here, but wild 9 on the old psx/ps1 was awsome. Made by the same lot who did the earth worm jim games :D even had the jetbike levels.
  15. I remember Cannon Fodder on the Atari STe, but only ever had a demo version.

    Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar in about '94 (still have it, but not this game), a remake of the earlier arcade classic, still rates as about the most fun you can have while your senses are being assaulted from all sides. An absolute ripper of a game, and a visual treat. It's hard to explain unless you've played it, but it was huge fun. I need to track down a cartridge and try it on a big TV.
  16. The old kings quest, Quest for glory, space quest etc.

    I was a huge sierra fan! Fark still am post mortem! hahaha
  17. Hehehhehe, I loved the old Sierra games.

    "Suck methane!!"
  18. And the villain of Space Quest II, Sludge Vohaul, who's plan wass to release upon the earth thousands of genetically-engineered door-to-door insurance salesmen.

    "In space no-one can hear you clean..." :LOL:
  19. I remember siting for hours playing ' prince of Persia' on the Amiga 500, and comparing scores and level with the guy next door.

    But if I go back even further, I also remember spending hrs/days on the C64 'space shuttle simulator' only to forget to close the cargo doors or put the landing gear down too soon, and crash and burn. { to date I have still not fully completed a mission }

    Brings back those immortal words from mum.
    "Robert, if I hear you getting mad at that stupid thing one more time, it will be in the bin faster than you can eat a bowl of wheatbix ! "