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classic gemini ad

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Androo, Jan 28, 2006.

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  2. OMW, thats some brilliant driving right there!!!! Classic ad :LOL:
  3. It doesn't alter the fact that it was a really crappy car!

    There was French guys years ago who was the world expert at driving on two wheels like that, he set records for driving for miles. I did a search but couldn't find his name.....
  4. Anyone know if it is all legit or some SFX? Some of the jumps looked a bit blue screened but it was hard to tell because of the low res ... cool ad though, some awesome driving!
  5. The description says NO CG, by which, i would assume they also mean SFX
  6. The link on the right of the page says it's 20 years ago and not CGI.

    That French guy I was mentioning used to do that sort of stuff at fairs and shows, as did the famous Hell-Drivers in old Holdens back in the 50s.

    What is it about Paris that attracts loony driving antics?
  7. Thx, didn't read the text just watched the vid :oops:
  8. Great ad!

    Excellent drivers, obviously many hours spent doing choreography before filming.

    I agree with no sfx, but they did cheat in a couple of places. For instance, in the tandom 360 spin that starts at about 2:43, the two cars are locked together with a frame under the cars. If you pause it when the cars facing away from you, you can see it near the front wheels.

    A cool effect though, and lots of other cool stunts. (although I would like to see the landings for some of the bigger jumps, such as over the fountain!)

    Good find!
  9. have to say top notch driving
    but still a crappy car... would love to see one of them do those stunts now hahahaha :LOL:
  10. as far as i know, it's all real .. pretty amazing :)