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'Classic' Full Face Helmet to match Royal Enfield Bullet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Variateur, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Hi guys

    I've decided to get a full face helmet for longer trips. The wind noise and chill with my current (new) M2R 'classic open face' is getting to me.

    I have tried a number of full face helmets, but most look rather too 'racey' or 'modern'...is there a quality FULL FACE model / brand that has classy looks in line with my Royal Enfield C5 chrome (maroon) ? I prefer a light or white colour to enhance visibility. Thanks in advance for suggestions / links / photos.

  2. Read above ...I was looking for a FULL FACE helmet, not an OPEN FACE as I already have one. ](*,)

    So are there any 'classic bike' compatible helmets out there ?
  3. classic and full face generally do not go together in the same sentence

    A classic full face will be the big round bowling ball style full face helmets by bell in the 70's
  4. Just wear the helmet best suited to keeping your brains in your skull rather than what looks best?
  5. I know that, that's why I suggested the chin guard which would effectively turn an open faced helmet into a full faced helmet.

    I was more thinking something that clips on, so then the helmet would not be any more modified as one fitted with an intercom.
    It would have to clip on in such a way that it holds up well in a crash, though. I reckon it would be pretty damn cool though, The Goose style.
  6. nla.int-ex13-s2-item.
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  7. I'd go something in a plain matt black.
  8. IMHO, Classic will not always be fully protective. The classic helmets that would go with the Enfield probably are the ones with no chin protection.

    Or get one of the new dual ones. They can be used as full and flip-ups. I think. :)
  9. .....

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  10. This may be what you are looking for

  11. =D>=D>
  12. Don't think that would look very normal!!
  13. Neither would a full-face helmet designed to look like it came from an era before full-face helmets.
  14. What about one of these - el cheapo but plain and doesn't look too 'racey'

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