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classic cbr250rr vs new cbr250r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gaza01, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Howdy all,

    My name is chris, and im new to riding. I've been lucky enough to recieve a hand me down CB250 off my stepdad for nothing, to ride while on my L's and P's. Now the plan was always to use this and save for a super sports of some kind for when i get off my full licence hopefully end of next year (turning 25)...

    ..well that was the idea anyway. As always, things don't usually go to plan, and I'm contemplating the thought of something a bit edgier. Which brings me on to the topic question.

    I love the CBR250RR, classic look, sounds amazing for a 250. But **** me, some of the prices some people want for them. I mean its a 20 year old bike, and some are going for as high as 6-7k. I know its a case of its high sell-ability, but regardless, There is the all new CBR250R, $5500 - BRAND NEW. Looks great, but i have no other idea about it, other than its assembled in Thailand.

    Am i missing something here? Anybody care to share their thoughts/experiences with either bike?

  2. I've not ridden either, Chris, but this is a constant topic of conversation, here, and in places where I ride. I guess the bottom line is that the old bike is 'take it as it comes', and what excitement it offers, while the new bike has a modern (although nowhere near as amazing) engine, and 21st century running gear, plus, of course, warranty and back-up. You pays your money, you makes your choice.

    If it was me and I could buy a brand new bike with no history instead of a 20 year old bike with goodness-knows-what history, I'd buy brand new......
  3. they are NOTHING alike. the new cbr is more closely related to the new vfr than the old cbr.
    you're not comparing toyota to lexus there, you're comparing hyundai to holden
  4. which one's the Hyundai :LOL:??
  5. CBR250R, completely redesigned chassis, single cylinder engine, fuel injection. Does not rev anywhere NEAR as high as the RR. Basically a scooter with a motorcycle's chassis, fairings, and no space under the seat for luggage. CBR250RR Classic 'Baby Blade' (after the honda Fireblade) 250cc little hot rod. 4 cylinder motor. From what I've read, expect the RR to be a much more exhilarating ride than the R. If you can find one in good condition which hasn't been clapped out and you feel comfortable on it, then jump on the deal. If you're after a brand new bike with warranty, a cleaner burning engine, more low down torque and peace of mind, then get the CBR250R. Both are extremely viable as learner bikes. I personally would prefer an R for commuting duties over the RR except for the fact that the RR is much more likely to be able to power me out of trouble than the R.

    My $0.02
  6. very helpful responses guys, appreciate it. I found on wiki that the RR has like 30 or 40kw from memory? The new one is around 20kw. By the sounds of it, very different machines.

    I wonder which will hold its value better? and if the new R has any chance of lowering the prices of the RR? My guess is being so different.. probably not.

    Hard to know if im sitting on a clapped out one or not, being so new to riding. Probably better to go with the original plan of sticking to the humble cb and get the gixxer later lol. But please, keep the posts coming. Very interesting read
  7. Does the search button not work on this forum anymore??

  8. Check this thread out buddy, its a comparison I did of the old CBR250R, and the new CBR250R, I never rode a Double R, but I'm fairly certain there wasn't THAT much difference between the MC19 and the MC22


    Also - I've still got that orange MC19, I'm sorta selling it...sorta...I need to, to help pay for a wedding. I'm only asking $2,000 for it, but it needs a bit of work.
    Needs new chain and sprockets, Needs Manifold Gasket replaced, probably needs a new battery, and its currently not running. It could be as simple as a new spark plug, it might need a new starter motor, I really have no idea. Otherwise its registered until...uhm...April or so, next year. I got a roadworthy done on it a few weeks before it stopped running, so it should still be in perfectly fine condition once its up again.
    Its in West Metro Melbourne, if you're local. Otherwise, nevermind! Haha
  9. I just transitioned from a 250cc 1 cylinder cruiser (it's a LARO, don't buy one) to a CBR250RR, best thing I've ever done. The CBR250RR is incredibly nimble, revs to 18000 and has power everywhere after 8000. The vibrations from the 4 cylinders are minimal and the build quality is exceptional. I'd go for the RR. The only thing you have to consider is the rider triangle, which is pretty aggressive and if that's not your thing and you want a relaxed commute I'd get the R. But personally, being an adrenaline fueled teenager, I love the baby blade, it slices through traffic like a knife and it goes like lightning.

    One final thing though, buying one can be a headache. Another net rider member pointed this out to me, don't trust the clock on a RR, they get screwed with everytime a dealership gets hold of one. If you see one, have a serious look over it, past the fairings. There's a couple guides on this website on how to go about doing that. Saved me from getting a lemon.
  10. I've lost count of how many CBR250RRs I've ridden (test ridden for friends in the market for a bike). I used to own one nearly 10 years ago, my mates had them as well as my brother. Fantastic little screamer and a lot faster than the current crop of 250s.
    There is a very noticeable difference between the MC19 and MC22. Do some reading, they're not the same bike. Difference in chasis, engine, etc.
    The MC19 is more like a Suzuki across performance wise.

    If you want something quick, CBR250RR would be my choice. You just need to get used to the lack of power below 12,000rpm and it's uncomfortable long distance. But it has to be one of the best sounding bikes out there (with the right exhaust).
    Test ride as many as you can as there are a lot of dodgy ones out there asking stupid money.
  11. Yeeeeehhh just seeing now the shitload of times this has been covered. My bad.

    First noob warning maybe? Lol
  12. Don't forget there are more bikes than just CBRs worth considering.

    In the same class (250cc 4 stroke with fairing) there's the Kwaka GPX250 (pre 2007?) and Ninja 250 (post 2007?). A bit of a similar story there with the older one being quicker and revving higher (but not as much as the CBRRR), and the newer version having a more modern look, fuel injection and better low down torque. Both are V-twins (like the old CBRR, the new CBR is a single).
  13. The old cbrr Was an Inline 4
  14. The GPX and Ninja 250 are parallel twins, and the old CBR was an inline 4, but yes the new CBR is a single.

    As an aside how do the ZXR250 and GSXR250 compare with the old CBR???
  15. My bad, and google and wikipedia were so close...
  16. The cbr250r is the best choice only because it was officially imported for one year. In reality all these bikes are slower than the motards you can get when learners were limited to 250 these bikes made some sense now they are silly when you have better choice.
  17. My wife had a ZX2R. Power wise there's nothing in it between the ZX2R and CBR250RR.
    BUT the ninja is LOT less reliable. Constantly had issues with the carby and we bought this after I test rode nearly a dozen ZX2Rs, half of which had major issues with the way they ran!
    In comparison out of the the MC22s I tested, only 1 had a problem.

    The two bikes are almost the same. Both redline around 18k. Both inline 4s and handling wise very similar. I think the ninja did handle a little better but it's going back a few years. And both have no power below 10 or 12k.
  18. I haven't ridden the new cbr250r but i am would love to try one. I have an mc22 & done 20,000ks on it in the last 18 months then moved to a gsxr600 k9.

    I have done several track days on the cbr & it is a much more fun bike on the track than on the road as you can keep it above 10k all day & they are extremely reliable & from experience come out fair pretty good after a low side.
    Note: piddling about in traffic under 8k constantly slapping through the gears getting tiring quickly.

    Since they are a 4 cylinder bike they deliver power in much the same way as a 4 cylinder big bike will so when you upgrade to bigger supersport it wont take too long to adjust. However i must say i have had to almost relearn the basics after upgrading.

    They are an amazing learning tool which is very flickable & can get you out of trouble much easier than a big bike. I say defineatly go for one, but you will have to do alot more research before you choose one & they are getting quite long in the toothe. Look well beyond what you see on the clock & take someone who knows abit about bikes with you.

    dont worry about fairing damage, i can bet every cbr out there has been dropped at some stage. Chasis damage, well that's another story.
  19. No it's not! The ZX2R from the 90's has very similar specs to the CBR250 of that vintage. They are nothing like a ZZR/GPX/GPZ