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Classic bikes - who has one & who wants one??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wombat200, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Just curious really - I'm a member of the Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria, and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle club.

    Anyone here with the same interests?

    For the sake of definition, the VJMC generally consider anything over 25 years old to be classic, while the CMCV will accept anything with a saddle tank (similar set up to a CB750) arrangement.

    I have a couple of GT250's (one for parts), a CT90 for playing off road (recently restored), a GPX750 Robbie Phillis replica (2 more fairing parts to paint!) and a 1967 Honda CD175 sloper.......
  2. pics of the Robbie Phillis Replica, please, I have photos here of his first ever race on a racing bike, a TZ350 Yamaha at Hume Weir.
  3. I have a 77 Z650 which is about to be a commuter. Bought it cheap and had to do some work to it, it's not a show bike. but looks good and is mechanically great now. Goes plenty hard enough for my learner riding skils too! Dunno if a Z650 is a classic though.....
    I love the look of the older bikes, the spoked wheels, no fairings, easy mechanical access , run on any fuel, simple, cheap parts etc.
    I also like the fact that it doesn't look fast, and is less likely to attract the wrong sort of attention.
    I can see more old bikes in my future, they are so cheap to do up, would love an R65 or maybe an older large BMW tourer, but they are overpriced.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I've got a real classic... a 1963 BSA C-15 ....

    Never heard it running though, but its nearly finished....just need a big box of round-to-its and It'll be rady to ride... :)


    I'm aiming to finish of sell it sometime this year, maybe next year and pick up a M21 or similar 500+cc BSA ... what I'd sell my Mother's sould for though is an A65 ......

  5. i have a 1975 z900 which hasnt been riden much since zx9 was bought 4 weeks ago had the old girl for 20 years +
  6. Typhoon - your Z650 is certainly fairly collectable amoungts the VJM set - and very popular in the UK. The Z750 top end fits straight on, for a HP increase........ A good mate just bought a Z500 to convert to a cafe racer - similar bike, same bottom end...

    As per my signature, I really want a Guzzi LM1, but would be quite happy with an LM2 or T3.

    A BMW R80ST is fairly high on the list, as well......

    Hornet, how do I post pics here - do I need to host them somewhere?

    Some of you may have seen my GT250 - doonks rode it for awhile.....
  7. You can put pictures in the Photo Gallery on the front page, but most of the snappers here use photobucket, I'm sure someone would be happy to help you set that up and put up some pics

    Z500?? Shudder, one of them tried to kill me back in 1979, long story.
  8. Wouldn't mind buying a classic Japanese bike someday but at the moment only have room for one and need something reliable.
  9. I'm currently on the lookout for an early GPZ900R if that counts. ;-)
  10. Re: Classic bikes - who has one & who wants one??

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I want one

    My step-brother has a 1974 or 75 Triumph Bonneville and I love it :D

  12. I could make a fairly long list of (now) classic bikes that I used to own and some of them I even regret selling (the Z900 is at the top of that list!), but I don't have any of them still.... *sigh*
  13. Your across didn't have a saddle seat...
    it was just saddled with the rider in the seat! :p
  14. 88 GSXR 1100 J .......last of the REAL gsxr,s
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  16. :shock: Not wearing any protictive gear :wink: j/k

    Great photo's Lisa :D
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  18. Nice list of bikes growing here......

    I'm a bit of a 2-stroke fan & would love an early RG500, too, but their thin on the ground & mostly knackered......

    JD, classic japs need not be unreliable - indeed, they are usually more reliable than an equivalent brit or italian bike.

    Something like a well sorted CB750/900, Z1/900/1000 or GS750/850/1000 should be perfectly reliable, day in, day out.......